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Logging and Determining a Logged Message



JSTL Custom Tags
like the code is provided for Struts and other applications, step by step code for JSTL custom Tags creation and their usage in a JSP page should be provided in the same way for log files also like a log file should be there and when we give userid 

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jsp with jstl
i have the folowing error while trying to print prime number using jsp array and jstl foreach loop. <% int[] prime=new int[20]; %> <c:forEach var="i" begin="0" end="20" step="1" > <% prime[i]= i+1; %> WHILE I AM COMPILING THE FOLLOWING 

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custom tags  Hai this is jagadhish. Iam learning java custom tags.Before doing these programs which jar file we have to add in the classpath..., For solving the problem visit to : 

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JSTL Tutorial
provides the feature for integrating the custom tags with JSTL tags. JSTL tags are classified on their use/purpose. These are as follows : JSTL Core Tags... it is implemented and used in JSP pages. JSTL also known as Java Standard 

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JSP Standard Tag Libraries (JSTL)
existing custom tags with JSTL tags.  A tag library is a set of actions...;    JSTL is developed under the Java Community Process... and standard set of custom tags. It encapsulates simple tags as the common core