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Java - Read file Applet

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Hi, Can you plz provide the HTML code for the abo
Hi, Can you plz provide the HTML code for the above. I tried passing APPLET CODE = "xyz.class" The output shows nothing. Should I provide Param name and value? Thanks in advance.  

applet viewing problem
Pls. I am finding probs in viewing Java applet in web browsers. I have Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and HotJava web browsers installed. It shows"Loading java applet failed". The java console shows: Java Plug-in 1.6.0_02 Using JRE version 1. 

Applet - Searching a word in a file
how to search a word in a file by uploading the file into the applet window 

type of file
when I try this tutorials with a file which was written in arabic language the arabic laguage appear as this ( äÇÁ Úáì ÇáÎØÇÈ ÇáæÇÑÏ áäÇ ãä ãÏíÑí)How I can appear this in the right format.I try Encoding but nothing had happened.thank you very muc 

Quick question
Hello. Thank you for this tutorial. I was wondering where to put the file that you are reading. Is it in the project folder or can you designate a source like C:\\test1.txt? And how would you do so in this program. Thanks 

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