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What is Zend FrameWork

In this tutorial we will study about Zend Framwork of PHP, about PHP and the components of PHP is discussed in this tutorial. In this tutorial we will also study about other frameworks.

What is Zend Framework:

The ZF is a PHP library which makes our work more easy and flexible. ZF provides us so many set of components which enable us to develop the project more easily and we can maintain the project for lifetime.

The development of frameworks have been around for many years. Frameworks like Struts (Java language), Rails(Ruby language) got huge popularity among developers and many frameworks came into market for PHP.

Zend Framework contains many components and few of those are mentioned below:

  1. Core
    • Zend_Controller
    • Zend_View
    • Zend_Db
    • Zend_Config
    • Zend_Filter & Zend_Validate
    • Zend_Registry
  2. Authentication and Access:
    • Zend_Acl
    • Zend_Auth
    • Zend_Session
  3. Internationlization
    • Zend_Date
    • Zend_Locale
    • Zend_Measure
  4. Http
    • Zend_Http_Client
    • Zend_Http_Server
    • Zend_Uri
  5. Inter-application communication
    • Zend_Json
    • Zend_XmlRpc
    • Zend_Soap
    • Zend_Rest
  6. Web services
    • Zend_Feed
    • Zend_Gdata
    • Zend_Service_Amazon
    • Zend_Service_Flickr
    • Zend_Service_Yahoo
  7. Advanced
    • Zend_Cache
    • Zend_Search
    • Zend_Pdf
    • Zend_Mail/Zend_Mime
  8. Misc
    • Zend_Measure



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