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PHP date add function

In this tutorial we will discuss PHP date add function. We will also show you good examples of PHP date add function.

PHP Add Date function - date_add or DateTime::add function

The date_add function or DateTime::add function adds an amount of days, months, years, hours and seconds to a DateTime object. This function works in PHP 5.3.0 and above version. It returns no value. 


void date_add ( DateTime $object , DateInterval $interval )

Adds the specified DateInterval object to the specified DateTime object.


object - A date as returned by DateTime.

internal - The amount to be added. For the date use "P3D", "P3M", "P3Y" or a combination of the three e.g. "P2M5D" (Y = Years, M = Months, D = Days.) 


For the time use "T3H", "T3M", "T3S" or or a combination of the three e.g. "T5H20M" (H = Hours, M = Minutes, S = Seconds). 

For dateTime use "P5D2M4YT5H20M". The digit before the letter (NOT P or T) can be any amount.



$date = new DateTime("24-Aug-2009 13:10:22");
echo $date->format("d-m-Y H:i:s").'<br />';

date_add($date, new DateInterval("P5D"));
echo '<br />'.$date->format("d-m-Y").' : 5 Days';

date_add($date, new DateInterval("P5M"));
echo '<br />'.$date->format("d-m-Y").' : 5 Months';

date_add($date, new DateInterval("P5Y"));
echo '<br />'.$date->format("d-m-Y").' : 5 Years';

date_add($date, new DateInterval("P5Y5M5D"));
echo '<br />'.$date->format("d-m-Y").' : 5 Days, 5 Months, 5 Years';

date_add($date, new DateInterval("P5YT5H"));
echo '<br />'.$date->format("d-m-Y H:i:s").' : 5 Years, 5 Hours';




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