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PHP Create Database

PHP Create Database: In this tutorial you will get to know about how to create database in PHP, using WAMP server, and MySQL console.

PHP Create Database

To create Database in MySQL:

$) Using MySQL console:

i)    Open MySQL console from WAMP server icon

ii)    Enter the password (generally it is blank, unless you have set any)

ii)    Type create database database_name. Enter your desired database name in place of database_name e.g. create database student or create database Employee etc. SQL is not a case sensitive language, but  database name or table name is case sensitive.  After that to open the database type use database_name



$) Using phpMyAdmin:

i)    Start  WAMP server, you'll get the icon on the taskbar as follows (to know how to start WAMP server please visit our webpage:

ii)    Click on the icon you will get a menu, as shown below, click on phpMyAdmin option.

iii)    After clicking phpMyAdmin option, http://localhost/phpadmin/ page will be open.

iv) Select any appropriate name for your new database in the create new database textbox and click create button.



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