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PHP Global Variable

PHP Global Variable, In this tutorial gives you an idea about accessing global variables, it provides two ways to access global variable one is global keyword and $GLOBALS associative array.

PHP  Global Variable

To access global variable in PHP we need to use global keyword or $GLOBALS associative array

global is a keyword which helps us to access the globally declared variable. There is no limit to use global keyword within a program.

$GLOBALS is an associative array containing references to all global variables, the variable names are the keys of the array.

Code for PHP Global Variable:



function globe()



echo "Value of a is:".$a;

echo "<br />";

global $a;//global keyword helps us to access globally declared variables

echo "Value of a is :".$a;

echo "<br> Other way to access global variable";

echo " <Br>Value of a is :".$GLOBALS["a"];//using $GLOBALS associative array.





Value of a is:12
Value of a is :1
Other way to access global variable 
Value of a is :1



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