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JDBC add batch, JDBC add batch Example, JDBC add batch example code

In this section we will show you how you can use the JDBC add batch and then executeBatch command in Java.

JDBC add batch

Making JDBC batch update example

In this section we will learn how use JDBC add batch to make JDBC batch update. The JDBC batch update is used to execute a group of updates at one go. The JDBC batch update is different from executeUpdate(), as the executeUpdate() will execute one query at a time.

In case of JDBC Batch update you can include many updates in the same batch of updates. The single batch of updates is also know as batchable statements.

You can use the following functions for creating, executing, and removing a batch of SQL updates:

  • addBatch - Use to add a statement to the batch
  •  executeBatch - Execute the batch statements
  • clearBatch  - Clear the batch statements

Things to remember in mind while using JDBC batch updates:

  • Set the JDBC auto commit mode to false
  • Use the createStatement method to create a Statement object.
  • Finally you can use executeBatch method to execute the batch of statements.
  • In case of error you should rollback the transaction.
  • If there is no error in the executeBatch() statement, always commit the transaction.

JDBC Batch Update example

Read the JDBC Batch Update Example code. This tutorial will show you the complete code.


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