Getting Stated with JDBC

This is the Getting Stated tutorial on JDBC.


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Getting Stated with JDBC


This is the Getting Stated tutorial on JDBC.

Getting Stated with JDBC

In this Getting Started with JDBC tutorial, we will explain you how you can start working with the JDBC API to develop database driven Java applications.

After completing this tutorial you will able to understand the JDBC concept and develop simple JDBC based Java programs.

In this tutorial we will use MySQL database and Connector/J JDBC driver. Let's get started with the development of JDBC program.

Step 1:

Download and install MySQL on your computer. Read how to download and install MySQL for more details.

Step 2:

Download Connector/J JDBC driver and include it in your Java project.

Step 3:

Learn the brief introduction to the JDBC and after learning the brief introduction you will be able to understand the JDBC, JDBC Drivers and JDBC Drivers type.

Step 4:

Now we can develop a simple JDBC application. In this step you will actually learn how to write a simple JDBC example and run it.

In this section on Getting stated with JDBC you learned the basics of JDBC and then developed a simple JDBC Application. We used MySQL database to run the example code. You can also download the example code the Simple JDBC Example section.

What Next?

Now you can go ahead and learn the JDBC concepts in detail. From the following link you will find the complete tutorials on JDBC.

  1. JDBC Complete Tutorial
  2. Many JDBC Tutorials with example code that you can download and try
  3. More JDBC Examples



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