Importance Of Java

In this tutorial you will learn about importance of java programming language


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Importance Of Java


In this tutorial you will learn about importance of java programming language

Importance of Java

As we all know Java is a Object Oriented Programming language, developed by Sun Microsystems. Initially it was called as Oak, but it gained popularity with the version of java. It was designed by the engineers of sun Microsystems. James Gosling is called the 'father' of java. It was designed for embedded devices such as phones and it gained popularity in it. Now a day it is one of the best programming language for network based programming.

The growing trends of Mobile Phone such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, specially Black Berry, in the field of telecommunication is also supports the java platform. There are so many popular applications for these phones has been developed using java programming language. Opera Mini, Skype Lite, eBuddy IM Service, Gmail for Mobile, Google Maps Mobile etc are one of the most popular applications developed using java platform.

Java is platform independent, secure, multi threaded, robust and dynamic programming language. It gives freedom to run application on any operating system. Due to this functionality java gained popularity in desktop application. It full-featured general purpose programming language which is capable for developing robust application.

Java was re-designed for the used on internet domain and it gained popularity into it. Now a day a lot of server side application is widely being developed using java. All those application who needs security, uses java. Most of the Enterprise application is developed using java. A lost of advance frameworks of java have been released these days, which is easy use and supports faster developments. Java have a special addition for developing Enterprise application this is known as J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition). It contains a lots of frameworks for developing Enterprise application.

A number of java experts strive to improving java for beginners who interested to learn java.

Java have lots of popular frameworks and scripting languages for developing server side and client side application. Please don't confuse between java and javascript. The javascript is scripting language, which have the similar syntax as java but is different from Java. Javascript is the part of web designing.

There are may books of java are available you can gain a great knowledge from the. Sun Microsystems also provides many certification courses on java, such as

Sun Certified Java Programmer

Sun Certified Java Developer

Sun Certified Java Associate

Sun Certified Web Component Developer

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect

There are so many other courses from which you can gain a lot of knowledge.

You can learn java from institution nearby your location.


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