User Interface Toolkits

User Interface Toolkits


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User Interface Toolkits


User Interface Toolkits

User Interface Toolkits

User Interface Toolkits / Libraries are given below :

Input Method Framework

In entering text, this Framework make possible the cooperation among text editing components and input methods.


For creating application specifically for handicapped persons Java Accessibility API can be used.

Print Service

This API enable us to print on all platforms of java.


This API is used for sound capturing, processing, play back audio etc.

Drag and Drop Data Transfer

This API allows data transfer between native applications and Java programming language, between Java programming language applications, and within a single Java programming language application.

Image I/O

This API allows us to handle images accessed over the network or put in files by supplying pluggable architecture.

Java 2D Graphics and Imaging

This API provides us the two dimensional graphics and imaging. through collection of classes.


The AWT stands for Abstract Windowing Toolkit. This API is used to create GUI components like buttons, text fields, banners, menus, dialog boxes etc and also dealing user input via those components.


The Swing API also enable us for creating GUI components but the component build by it is light weight. These elements can be incorporate in user interfaces.

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