Standard JDK Tools

In this tutorial you will see the list of JDK(Java Development Kit)tools and also learn about the.


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Standard JDK Tools


In this tutorial you will see the list of JDK(Java Development Kit)tools and also learn about the.

Standard JDK Tools

Basic Tools

Tool Name

Brief Description
javac  This is the core of java, the compiler for the Java programming language.
java  It is used to launch the Java applications. The same launcher is employed
for deployment and development pupose.
javadoc  It is used for producing API documentation.
apt   This tool is used for annotation processing.
appletviewer   The applet viewer is used to run applet , also used for debugging applets
without the help of browser.
jar This is used to produce and handle jar files.
javah  C header and stub generator. Used to write native methods. This is employed
to produce stub and C header. Also used for writing native methods.
javap  This tool is used to dissembler Class file.
extcheck This is used to find the conflicts between jars.

Security Tools

These security tools help you set security policies on your system and create apps that can work within the scope of security policies set at remote sites.

Tool Name  Brief Description 
keytool Manage keystores and certificates.
jarsigner Generate and verify JAR signatures.
policytool This GUI tool is used to handle policy files.

These security tools help you obtain, list, and manage Kerberos tickets.

Tool Name  Brief Description
kinit  For getting  Kerberos v5 tickets, we use this tool.
klist This tool is a command line tool for listing entries in  credential cache and key tab.
ktab  This Tool is a command line tool for managing entries in the key table. This is done by user. 

Internationalization Tool

The native2ascii tool is used to convert text to Unicode Latin-1.

Remote Method Invocation (RMI) Tools

Given below tools are used to develop applications that can be used for communication over the network or web. 

Tool Name Brief Description 
rmic Generate stubs and skeletons for remote objects.
rmiregistry Remote object registry service.
rmid RMI activation system daemon.
serialver Return class serialVersionUID.

Java IDL and RMI-IIOP Tools

These tools are used when creating applications that use OMG-standard IDL and CORBA/IIOP.

Tool Name  Brief Description 
tnameserv  This tool is used to supply access to the naming service.
idlj This tool produces .java files that map an OMG IDL interface and provide
the ability to java application to use CORBA functionality.
orbd In CORBA environment , it gives support for clients to transparently locate and invoke
persistent objects on servers.
servertool This tool is used to provide ability to application programmers to register,
unregister, startup, and shutdown a server.

Java Deployment Tools

These tools are used with deployment of java applications and applets.

Tool Name  Brief Description 
pack200 Using pack200 tool, you can compress the jar file into pack200 file using gzip compressor
unpack200 This tool coverts the pack200 file into jar files.

Java Plug-in Tools

These tool are used with Java Plug-in. The default tool come with this is htmlconverter , for Java Plug-in, it converts HTML containing applet to the OBJECT / EMBED tag format

Java Web Start Tools

These Tools are used with Java Web Start. The javaws  is a Java Web Start Tool which is a command line tool for establishing Java Web Start and setting various options

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