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Rich Internet Applications(RIA) Development and Deployment

Rich Internet Applications(RIA) Development and Deployment

Rich Internet Applications(RIA) Development and Deployment

RIA or rich internet applications are Java Web start applications and applets. The RIA are applications of java which benefit of the internet. According to deployment and execution, we can categorized java applications into below three categories :

  • Applets : This application runs on the web browser.
  • Java Web Start applications : First time deployment of these applications are done through web browser. After downloading and accepting its security certificate, it almost acts like a standalone application.
  • Standalone solutions : These application don't have or need of session for their execution.


Deployment process of rich internet applications have many steps .The Steps involved are given below :

JNLP File: First a JNLP File is created and deployed using JNLP. This file is created for Java Web Start applications and applets.

Security Certificate: You need security certificate if you are using APIs that have an effect on user's system.

JAR Indexing: You require JAR Indexing if you want to keep the application from from downloading JAR files.

Pack200 Compression: Pack200 Compression is used for compression of jar files need to reduce download time.

Deployment Toolkit: At last you need Deployment Toolkit to establish your web page with cross-browser JavaScript. This cross browser JavaScript is required to launch your application.

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