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HTML5 li tag, Introduction of <li> tag in HtML5.

In this section, you will see the use of <li> tag in HTML5.

HTML5 li tag, Introduction of <li> tag in HtML5.


The <li> tag is used to define the item of list. In supports both order and unordered list item. The <ol> tag is used for order list and the <ul> tag is used for unordered list. It mostly used between ordered list tag or unordered list tag. The value attribute can support  only for ordered list .

Attributes of form:
Attribute Value Description
value number, character etc li specify the value of list first item.

Declaration Syntax :
Declaration syntax of <li> in HTML5.
<li value="initial value"> List item</li>

Example of <li> in HTML5:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html >
<title>List of items </title>
<h2>Example of &lt;li&gt; list item tag of HTML5.</h2>
<strong>Unordered list</strong><ul>
<strong>Ordered list:</strong><ol>
<li>Bharat Singh</li>
<li>Ankit kumar</li>
<li>Vinay </li>
<strong>Ordered list with specified value:</strong>
<ol >
<li value="10">Bharat Singh</li>
<li>Ankit kumar</li>
<li>Vinay </li>

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Difference Between HTML5 and HTML4.01:

No difference.


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