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HTML5 dd tag, Definition of <dd> tag in html5

In this section we will inform you about the <dd> tag in html5

HTML5 dd tag, Definition of  <dd> tag in html5

In this section we will inform you about the <dd> tag in html5. The <dd> tag is used to specifiy the description of the terms defined by <dt> tag. The definition list contains terms and some discription about it. The one definition term can have more than one description . The <dd> tag contains all the description within it. The <dd> tag is specified within the <dl> tag and gives the description to the <dt> tag.

Declaration syntax:

The declaration syntax is as follows:

<dd> Description of term</dd>


<!DOCTYPE html>
      <title>Example of dd Tag</title>
          <dd> We work on java technology</dd>
          <dd> Master of Computer Application</dd>


Download This Example:

Difference between HTML5 and HTML4

There is no difference in this attribute in both the versions.


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