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HTML5 bdo tag , Definition of  <bdo> tag in html5.

In this section, you will learn about bdo tag of HTML5

HTML5 bdo tag , Definition of  <bdo> tag in html5.

In this illustration we informing about the use of  <bdo> tag in html5. The <bdo>tag(bidirectional override) specifies the direction of text displaying. This tag is useful when the text is of the languages/scripts ,which are written from right to left and Bydefault HTML content is typically rendered from left to right. The<bdo> tag must have the ending </bdo> tag. The <bdo> tag doesn't alter the language or scripts, it serves as a identifier.

Declaration Syntax <bdo> tag:

<bdo dir="value">Expression </bdo>

The <bdo> tag has a specific attribute dir, which has two values as given below:

dir= " ltr "  It specify the direction of text from left to right.

dir= " rtl "  It specify the direction of text from right to left.

Example: bdotag.html

 <!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Example of bdo tag</title>
<p><b>using attribute value=rtl </b></p>
<bdo dir="rtl">This is very easy to understand! </bdo><br>
<p><b>using attribute value = ltr</b></p>
<bdo dir="ltr">This is very easy to understand!</bdo>


Note: See the browser compatible page for successfully rendering the program.

Download This Example:



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