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Address tag in HTML5, Definition of address tag in html5.

Definition of address tag in html5.

Address tag in HTML5, Definition of <address> tag in html5.

In this section, we will discuss usage of <address> tag and how to implement this.

The <address> tag is used for defining the contact information of the author of the document or the section of the document. the address tag writes the information usually in italic font style. the address tag may have the information about the Name of the document owner, link to author web page, E-mail, postal address, phone number etc.

The  address tag is must not be used for describing the postal address and email address because it is not appropriate for all postal and email address. If the address tag is used within body element, it shows the ownership of the whole document and when used within article, it shows the ownership of the particular article.

There is no specific attributes in address tag ,only the common html attributes can be used.

Declaration syntax:

<address>Content of address</address>

We implement the address tag as follows:


<!DOCTYPE html >
<title> Example of address tag</title>
    Written by
  <address >
   <a title="Posts by deepak" href="mailto:[email protected]">
    August 14th, 2010


Note: See the browser compatible page for successfully rendering the program.

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