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Abbreviation tag html5, Definition of tag in html5.

Definition of abbreviation tag in HTML5.

Abbreviation tag html5, Definition of <abbr> tag in html5.

In this tutorial, we will discuss about the use of <abbr> tag and how to implement this tag.

This tag is used for defining an abbreviation for the articles. It marks for the full form of the global article like XML="eXtensible Markup Language".

In the browser we can see full detail of the abbreviation by holding the mouse on the word or article. For displaying the full version of the expression we use attribute <abbr> tag. The expression which is to be abbreviated is written between <abbr> Expression</abbr> .

There is no specific attribute in this tag  and no difference from html4.0 version in specifying <abbr> tag.

The syntax for the <abbr> tag is as follows:
<abbr title="World Wide Web">WWW</abbr>


The <abbr> tag is implemented as follows.


<title>Example For <abbr> Tag </title>
The <abbr title="World Wide Web">www</abbr> is commonly known as the web. 


Note: See the browser compatible page for successfully rendering the program.

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