What to See in Jaipur in 1 Day?

A Traveller's Guide to Explore Jaipur in 1 Day, what you can see in one day Jaipur trip?

We are discussing about the important places that visitors must see in one day trip to Jaipur.

A planned trip is something that one does not always get, but that does not imply that unprepared trips are pathetic experiences unless you do not know how to manage them well. Jaipur the Pink City of India is popular for being surrounded with the imperial aura coupled with a lot of architectural geniuses. It is also a major centre for business and many people come here to fulfil their official purpose and utilise the same for worthwhile exploration as well. In case a person gets only one day, there are some must seeing sites in Jaipur that cannot be missed.

Hawa Mahal: Originally built for the royal ladies to catch glimpse of the street festivities and processions without being noticed, the ‘Palace of Winds' is an interesting five-storied structure of red and pink sandstone. There are 953 intricately carved, lattice windows or Jharokhas shaped like honeycomb of beehives that provide natural air conditioning inside the palace, with the Venturi effect created when air circulates through them. Apart from admiring the blended craftsmanship of Mughals and Rajputs, visitors can also spend their time in the archaeological museum in the monument.

Jantar Mantar: This is another landmark of Jaipur that exists as a proof of scientific advancement of early ages. It was built by Sawai Jai Singh as an observatory and is one of the series extending across five Indian cities. It consists of 14 devices or Jantar which are meant for Mantar or calculations for forecasting various astronomical conditions like eclipse, equinox, etc. apart from giving regular updates like time and date.

City Palace: It is situated close to the Jantar Mantar in the heart of Jaipur and is one of the most beautiful pieces of construction with grand palaces, decorated inner courtyard gates, temples, gardens and a museum showcasing various items of royalty, all in a sprawling compound. It was the seat from where Maharaja of Jaipur ruled and till present a large part of the compound is dedicated to for royal residency.

Jal Mahal: As the name suggests it a palatial construction in the middle of the water body, viz. Man Sagar Lake and a principal tourist attraction of Jaipur city. A spellbinding outcome of architecture, it offers a picturesque view of the lake, surrounded by hills with temples and fort atop. Four of the five stories of the palace remain under water when the lake is full and it glistening sight at night makes it all the more wonderful.

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