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LTO 6: Your Next Big Boost to Data Storage  
As the sixth generation Linear Tape Open technology or LTO 6 is on verge of being launched with many enhanced features and capabilities, LTO as the new age data storage technology is already well acclaimed. LTO 6, your next big boost to data storage and its array of exclusive features and capabilities are explained here..

5 Important Things to know About LTO 6  
Here you will know about some of the most important things to know about LTO 6 including its features, difference with earlier versions, end user benefits and its crucial importance for modern data storage in cloud servers and better accessibility..

What is LTO 6?  
LTO 6 or the sixth generation Linear Tape Open technology with its higher performance and speed boosting features is already ready to take over the IT world. Here you will find the basics of LTO, how LTO 6 came into being and technical specifications of LTO 6..


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