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Why Big Data is important for Enterprises?

Why Big Data is important for Enterprises for managing the business data? How Big Data fits into current business environment?


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Why Enterprises are looking for Big Data? What are the importance of Big Data in enterprises?

In this article we will understand the importance of Big Data and see the benefits of Big Data for enterprises. The Big Data software system is very important in managing the huge set of structured and un-structured data of any size.

With the arrival of latest social networking, chatting, collaboration tools, online shopping, gaming etc.. huge amount of data is gathered daily. So, its very important for the enterprises for gathering and analyzing the data to understand the visitors behavior and buying patterns. These information are very important in deciding the business plans. There days Big Data software systems are helping the enterprises for handling and analyzing such huge set of data. The Big Data software system helps the enterprises in processing and analyzing the data to understand the social and busing behavior of the customers.

Problem of Huge Data

There is big issue of managing and analyzing such a huge type of data. If you don't use the Big Data software system you will find following issues as far as data management and processing is concerned:

  • It is difficult for the business to get the real time data from the huge set of data
  • Query processing time is very high and it is taking hours to finish the query, instead it should take seconds
  • Batch processing also takes a lot of time
  • It is time consuming and time taking to implement new set of data
  • Scalability of the application is also a big issue
  • Data storage and retrieval is also a big problem
  • Licensing cost of the hardware and software is also a big investments
  • Its very difficult to handle the large set of un-structured data

Why Big Data is important for Enterprises for managing the business data

Big Data technologies are here to solve all the above problems. With the help of Big Data technologies you can manage huge amount of both structured and un-structured data. Big Date technologies also supports scalability. You can process any amount of data in fraction of seconds.

You can use the open source technologies such as Hadoop and its commercial versions such as Cloudera, Hortonworks, GreenPlum etc. for your business needs. Beside this  IBM is offering BigInsights and Oracle is offering Exalytics In-memory machine for handling and processing of the Big Data sets.

Importance of Big Data in enterprises

Here are the importance of Big Data in enterprises:

  • Its ideal solution to capture large set of structured and un-structured data
  • Its very easy to run queries against huge set of data and takes seconds to process the query
  • Query processing time is very fast
  • Its very easy to implement new set of data
  • Big Data applications are highly scalable
  • Storage are easy as data can be separated into multiple indexes
  • Open source software such as Hadoop are available which saves huge licensing cost
  • Developers can write applications easily to process the new set of data
  • Real-time analysis of data - You will be able to analyze the data real-time and the customize your online portal accordingly
  • Maintenance cost of the Big Data software system is also less
  • Big Data is very helpful in managing the Healthcare system
  • High processing and data management power will help the energy management, access control, air quality monitoring, traffic management, IPTV systems

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Why Big Data is important for Enterprises?

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