Top 5 Emerging IT Trends Now

Know about the Top 5 Emerging IT Trends these days.

Learn about Top 5 Emerging IT Trends Now

It is needless to say that the baton of development and progress in any scientific field and of overall living standard lies primarily in the hands of information technology. But those days of huge IT infrastructure dependant on big servers and equipments are slowly passing away to make room for virtual storage and network space of cloud to reduce infrastructure to a great extent. If cloud environment and its wide ranging application is one of the top 5 emerging IT trendsnow then Big Data or analytical IT applications drawing out prospective business trends is the second most rigorously growing IT trend. Social media as an open platform for warring business initiatives and strategies of marketing is a trend that for some time has already cut into the scene prominently and obviously is expected to grow in the time to come.

The constant development of new touch interface and features in computing hardware and corresponding software maneuvers to meet the demands of these gadgets with more user specific applications is another trend that for some time pushed the boundaries of existing technology to move further wide and will continue to do so in the time to come and in many cases the fusion products between computing, telephony and other communicative and entertainment products is going to be deciding. Just following this well established trend of user specific applications for all types of needs, ranging from gaming to audio visual entertainment to social media to shopping, in the time to come more and more over the counter sales activities will be replaced by segment specific, store specific and purpose specific application driven online stores. You are going to have different applications to address different shopping needs and that too done in real time. Let us now have a closer look at these top 5 emerging IT trends now.

1. Cloud environment replacing huge IT infrastructure

Among the top 5 emerging IT trends now this one is probably the most revolutionary one widest range of implications on future technologies and business. Cloud environment in simple yet authentic understanding is the IT environment where you instead of storing your data to a location specific and device specific server or hard disk can save in the virtual network provided and maintained by a service provider through an online application. With using cloud as the platform for storing all your data storage and retrieval process as and when you need, you can access the data from multiple devices of your choice from different locations just using the internet. Cloud is just about to reach maturity and within a few years as the popularity is continuing to grow it would become an invaluable companion to most of the enterprising giants or even small or medium companies. There are still some issues that are expected to be resolved in coming time like reliability, data security, integrity issues in large organizations, etc.

2. More rigorous focus on Big Data analysis for competitive business edge

The concept of Big Data is not new to the business managers or policy makers, but corresponding to the huge development and integration of IT based analytics of various sources of data for achieving specific business ends this term now represents a prominent frontier for new age business development. Big Data means any kind of data or information shared, stored, viewed, heard or given input or output in any form. Everyday using computers and computing devices we generate more than 2 and a half billion bytes of data and now this huge data stored in various ways if can be accessed for various business objectives it can really produce great results and completely change the face of how we decide on various aspects of business based on information. From performance enhancement to business analysis of market trends to transparency of information to enhance security measures to accuracy of assessment to business insights in segmentation of customers to more accurate decision making to initiate next generation developments in products and services, Big Data with the widest possible access to information and coordination can be rightly said as the next frontier of technology and indeed it is one of the top 5 emerging IT trends now.

3. Social media continue to grow as a platform for business promotion

The last decade has been dominated much by the social media and its wide ranging information sharing outcomes practically covering all spectrums, society, technology, business and finance. The trend has no sign to go down but there are every possibility and forecasts that assure of its continuing growth in the time to come making enterprises and business establishments depending on it more for their publicity campaigns and branding. Small and medium entrepreneurs can increasingly jump into the publicity campaign using social media in the years ahead, making the battle more intense.

4. More smarter touch based devices and software maneuvers

Just within less than a decade the world is almost swarmed by touch enabled and touch based computing devices of all sorts and it is increasingly becoming the highest competitive space for tech giants to come up with new and newer feature rich devices and software supports and application maneuvers. From mere compass to emailing to audiovisual entertainment to news feeds to classroom notes to engaging in social media interactions to determining your location through a sophisticated satellite view enabled digital map all are now on your hand held screen of a mobile computing device or smart phone. Our life in each and every aspect has never come to know such widespread domination of devices and features of technology. It is just the beginning and corresponding to the gigantic development and research it is undergoing it is obviously one of the top 5 emerging IT trends now that is going to reshape our life in time to come.

5. Applications going to backdate the online shopping and online learning

When online shopping, online stores, e-commerce, online courses, online classes and e-learning came it was dubbed as revolutionary, but computing world within just less than a decade came up with another frontier of technology that further pushed our expectation. Today it is no longer online shopping is what you need for a hotel booking or for plane ticket booking, there are dedicated applications for these purposes right on your mobile or tablet screen. For a medical student there is application for accessing the whole book of medical codes just on the handheld device itself. You want to learn a foreign language and just from your hand held device you can start up with, at least to develop basic competence. These learning and shopping applications are only at their first stage and we can expect them to be based on real time communication in the time to come. All sorts of on-the-go applications on mobile devices is seriously going to backdate our so called online shopping and online education and surely is one of the top 5 emerging IT trends now.

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Top 5 Emerging IT Trends Now

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