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Struts 2 E-mail Validator  
The email validator in Struts 2 Framework checks whether a given String field is empty or not and contains a valid email address or not..

Struts 2 double validator  
The Double validator of Struts 2 Framework checks if the given input is double or not..

Struts 2 Validation (Int Validator)  
Struts 2 Framework provides in-built validation functions to validate user inputs..

Struts 2 Validation  
User input validations are integral part of any web application..

Struts 2 RequiredString validator  
This section discusses RequiredString validator of Struts 2 framework. RequiredStringValidator checks the String field is not-null and its length is > 0. (i.e. it isn't ""). .

Struts 2 Date Validator  
The Date validator in the Struts 2 Framework checks whether the supplied date lies within a specific range or not..

Struts 2 Url Validator  
The URLValidator of Struts 2 Framework checks whether the String contained within the given field is a valid URL or not. If the entered value is not a valid URL, it generates an error message. .

Validations using Struts 2 Annotations  
In this section we are going to validate our login application using Annotations in Action class..


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