What is Struts Framework?

Article is giving introduction of Struts Framework to the developers new in the Struts Framework.

What is Struts Framework? Learn about Struts Framework

This article is discussing the Struts Framework. It is discussing the main points of Struts framework. If you are trying understand Struts and searching for "What is Struts Framework?" then this tutorial is for you. It gives you detailed introduction to the Struts framework such as history, features and technology of Struts Framework.

What is Struts Framework?

For the sake of simplicity you can say that it's just a framework in Java for creating MVC based web applications. Its open-source framework being developed and supported by Apache Software foundation. This software is available for download in binary and source format from the Apache Software foundation website. Apache Struts Framework is released under Apache License 2.0.

History of Struts Framework

The Original developer (author) of the Struts Framework is Craig McClanahan. Craig McClanahan donated the framework to the Apache Software foundation. The first version of Struts was 1.0 and it was released in 2002. Since, it has gone lot's of change and redevelopment. The current version of Struts is Struts 2.3.8 at the time of writing this tutorial. You can view the latest Struts version at the page: Latest Version of Struts Framework.

Apache Software foundation is working on the development and maintenance of Struts Framework. The home page of the Struts framework is http://struts.apache.org/.

Features of Struts Framework

Struts Framework is open-source framework. It is based on MVC design pattern which helps the developers to create highly maintainable and scalable web applications. Read more at Features of Struts Framework.

Struts Framework Technologies

Struts Framework uses the latest technologies such as Servlet API, Filter API, JSP API, JSTL etc.

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