Struts Framework

Here you will learn about the Struts Framework and its features.

An introduction to the Struts Framework

This article is discussing about the high-class web application development framework, which is Struts. This article will give you detailed introduction to the Struts Framework.

Struts Framework is one of the leading software development framework for the web applications. Struts is neat and high-class web application framework based on the MVC design pattern. Using Struts framework developer can develop, test and deploy high-class, scalable and high performance web application for their client.

Struts Framework was first developed by Craig McLanahan in the year 2002. Later on the framework was donated to the Apache Jakarta project group. Apache Jakarta project group is now developing and maintaining the Struts framework. This was first best framework based on MVC design pattern. First version of the Struts was 1.0. Later on it was redesigned and redeveloped and named it as Struts 2 framework. These days developers are using Struts 2 for the development of their applications.

Struts is an open-source implementation of the popular Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. The MVC design pattern is used to simplify the complexity of the web applications. It helps the developer to divide the application into three integral parts Model, View and Controller.

MVC Details

  • Model: The model part of the Struts application handles the data and the application state
  • View: View is the presentation of the application. It includes JSP, HTML, Javascripts, images etc.
  • Controller: Controller is responsible for handling the client request and executing the necessary action and finally selecting the appropriate view. The Controller part handles the execution flow in the application.

MVC framework is very effective in making the application maintainable and highly scalable. It also hides the so, much complexity of the application.

Struts Framework Tutorials:

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Struts Framework

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