Software Development, How software is developed?

Software development is the organized process of getting a software system developed, tested and deployed for production.

Software development - Software development guide

Software development consists of  various activities such system designing, defining the architecture of the new system, coding, testing and deploying for the productions. With the help of these activities developer/team develops a software product. These all activities collectively known as software development. In the software development process various departments of the organization may help in the software development product. Departments involved in the software development process could be marketing, engineering, R&D and testing.

As a part of software development process, companies may follow the different approaches to develop a software system. There are many methodologies of developing a software. These software development methodologies are combinations of the following phases:

  • Marketing research
    Before developing any free or commercial software it is necessary to research the market and target the customers/users of the software being developed.

  • Requirement gathering
    Requirement of the software solutions must be gathered before designing the system.

  • Analysis of the business problem
    Business problem is analyzed and understood correctly.

  • Software development plan preparation
    Before actual writing of the code, the software development plan must the prepared.

  • Software testing
    Software must be tested before it is released for productions

  • Deployment
    Finally software id deployed for the production use

  • Maintenance and bug fixing

Software Development Company

Software Development Company provides the IT outsourcing and Custom Software development services. A Software development company provides Custom programming services to their client.

Offshore Software Development Company

The Offshore Software Development helps the organizations to get the software developed in much less cost from external company/companies located in different countries. Organization may use the geographically separated software development company/companies. The Offshore Software Development Company develops the software at much cheap rate as compared to the in-house development.

The Offshore Software companies provides custom software programming services such as product development, web site development, software maintenance, software testing, software bug fixing and enhancements. To help the clients to get the best, Outsourcing company employs many software engineers for different technologies. This helps the Software development firm to provide many services with perfection. Many Software Organizations helps the clients to develop the products also.

Software Development Company

A Software Development Company provides wide range of software services such as Customized Software Software Development, Web Development, Web portal development and Software maintenance services. Rose India is Indian Software Development Company development company specialized in the development of customized software using Java, .NET, PHP-MySQL and Open-Source technologies.

iPhone Application Development

These days iPhone is one of best smart phones for personal and business use. There many software's available for the iPhone, making it much useful. The interface of the iPhone is also very user-friendly. Many companies are developing the applications for the iPhone and iPod. Contact iPhone Development Company in India for developing applications for you/your business.

Adobe Flex

The Adobe Flex is latest and open source technologies to develop Rich Internet applications. The Flex is xml based programming language that is compiled into binary SWF file, which runs on flash enabled browsers. The applications developed in Flex can run on all the major web browsers. We are at Rose India technologies provides flex development services. If you are looking for the Flex Development Company in India, contact us for the your development needs. We develop Flex based applications ranging from simple chat applications to the big social networking websites. We also work on the flex iPhone integration projects.

Rapid Application Development
Rapid application refers to a type of software development that is favorable to minimal planning and maximum or efficient prototyping.

Software Design
The process of solving problems and planning for a software solution is known as software design.

System Development Life Cycle
The process of altering or creating systems and the methodologies which people use to develop systems is known as the whole cycle of Software Development Life Cycle.

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Software Development, How software is developed?

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sanjeev sahu
April 25, 2011
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October 2, 2011
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Im trying to develope software on school management system in php. Im new to it and i need help. Can i get some examples of it??
Freda Parks
March 5, 2013
Software products

Hello My name is Freda Parks, and on behalf of LeanCor(Suppy Chain Group), Iâ??m looking for a software program that will make changes and organize documentation for a software development program. And Coding Thank you for your time Freda Parks From: The IT Department