Roseindia Java Servlet

Roseindia Java Servlet will teach you the various aspects of the Java Servlet during the developing you web based applications.

This tutorial will teach you how to use Java servlet to develop your web-based applications. It provides a component based platform independent method for building the web based application without the performance limitation so CGI programs. Again servlet is the component, which has access to the entire family of Java API’s.

The servlet tutorials have been designed for Java programming which will inform you about the need to understand the java servlet framework. Java Servlets are server side components in Java that runs on Servlet enabled web server such as Tomcat, Jetty, Websphere etc.

Servlets are server side components, which provide a powerful system to develop server side programs. It shows another features like for building Web-based applications, without the performance limitations of CGI programs. It the same way proprietary server extension mechanisms (such as the Netscape Server API or Apache modules), servlets are server as well as platform-independent.

The interesting feature about the Java Servlet is that it is much faster then CGI and Perl since it runs in the same JVM. If CGI and Perl separate memory space is allocated for execution of the program which reduces it's performance.

Again, for running the Java Servlet you can download the latest version of Tomcat server and install on your computer. It's much easier to use Tomcat for learning Java Servlet. These step-by-step tutorials will teach you Java Servlet and impart the knowledge necessary for developing and testing Java Servlet. After learning these tutorials you will be able to start using Java Servlet in your web projects.


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