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What will be SEO trend in 2017?

Here we are discussing the top SEO trends for 2017

What will be SEO trend in 2017?

Google is rapidly upgrading search engine logic to provide better and quality user experience. In 2016 we have seen many search engine updates towards this. Mobile first feature of the website was one of the top features and this will be again top trends in 2017.

To achieve higher ranking in search engine it is necessary to update the website as per search engine requirements. Here we are discussing the top expected trends of 2017.

  1. Mobile Friendliness of website:
  2. The Mobile First concept is the top requirement for the websites. 50% of searches are originating from various types of mobile devices, which varies in screen sizes and processing power. So, if your website is not mobile friendly then you will lose search engine raking and traffic.

    In 2017 Mobile First website will dominate and will be placed better in search engine ranking. Your website gets traffic from desktop, mobile phones, tables, smart TV and various models of mobile phones.

    If your website is based on mobile first orientation and provides better user experience then you will take the advantages of search engine updates. This type of website will definitely get benefits and website may rank better in search engine.

  3. Unique Content
  4. Google likes unique and well written content, it can detect which content is good and calculates its values. The page tile and heading of the content also plays a role in search engine ranking. You should not have duplicate content on your website to achieve better ranking in search engine.

    Content size of 500 to 1000 or more words ranks better as compared to short content. If your content is appropriate size and good quality visitor will stay on your website and this will help in getting good ranking.

  5. Web Page optimization
  6. Optimization of the web page is very important and good presentation of the website increases the readability of the page. If the presentation is good and user is able to easily read the information, visitors to your website will stay long on your webpage and possible visit other pages of your website. So, optimize your web page well. Web page optimization is of two types on page and off page, both type of optimization is very important for getting higher ranking in search engine.

  7. Page Speed
  8. Page speed is very import because visitors to your website won't stay long and if page load takes more time then they will visit some other website. Google calculates page speed and uses this factor in web page ranking in search engine index. So, if your page speed is slow then you should optimize your website to improve the speed. Page speed will be also an important factor in 2017.

  9. Voice Search
  10. Google Voice Search or simply voice search is a product from Google which allows the users to use voice command to search on Google search engine. Here you can speak out and google will search and return the result for you.

    The Google Voice search is getting popular and people have started using this, so it's necessary to optimize your website for voice search.



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