Top 10 Ways to Increase Google Search Hits

With the unchallenging domination of Google as most popular search engine, Google search hits are the most sought after objective to gain web traffic. Here we have presented some of the most prominent ways to increase Google search hits.


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Top 10 Ways to Increase Google Search Hits

In deliberating here on the top 10 ways to increase Google search hits first of all one must understand how search engine hits directly reflect in great volume of web traffic. When considering search engines who will not agree with the dominance of Google as the world's most popular search engine? There have been great array of practices to dominate in the respective search engine ranks and web traffic but since few years as Google came up with some of the most lethal algorithms to control all kinds of malpractices to come up Google ranks without adding any value to the web user experience, the ways to increase Google search engine hits have been an area of much contention and rigorous focus. Though there have always been array of malpractices to hit the Google search ranks and Google being the most proactive search engine in curbing such devaluing practices, different SEO practices focused on creating genuine value for the user and also derogatory practices geared towards getting search engine ranks are still there side by side. Let us see here some of the legitimate ways to increase Google search hits.

  1. A popular keyword balanced in length
  2. Keywords are the footprints that make the search engine find your article but using keywords for augmenting the SEO output is unquestionably a grave art and there are few considerations that can help you to master this. First of all, small keyword is the toughest area to compete for coming up the search engine ranks as with small length keywords the option is huge and you invariably have to compete with giants and even coming up the 3rd or 4th page may seem involving a lot of challenge. On the other hand a bigger keyword phrase can give you a fair chance of hitting the first page ranks. While small keyword in most of the times will situate you outside the search ranks, a too big keyword on the other hand can let you come on the no.1 position but with few searches it won't actually help you to gain good traffic. Focusing on popular and balanced keyword length is one of the foremost ways to increase Google search hits.

  3. Appropriate and naturally repeating keyword density
  4. Keywords must be naturally recurring and should not sound as imposed without adding to the meaningfulness of the content much. Naturally repeating keywords cannot be repeated too often and so will always be appropriate in density and number. Keyword stuffing or inappropriate keyword density is one of the devaluing factors for the web users that Google is too serious about and all Google algorithms are determined to curb the practice. Such unnaturally repeating density of keywords univocally refers to the poor content quality that is only targeted towards the business interest of coming up the search ranks. Keyword stuffing is now punished by Google with heavy down ranking and so you just cannot play with this.

  5. A brief and to the point summary of your content
  6. Just think as a reader of web content if you just come across a brief and absolutely to the point summary to what you are going to read, won't you consider it good, especially when it sets your expectation of the content and just makes you tuned with the content in offer? A summary not necessarily can portray all major attributes of a content in its short rendering of words, but at least can provide a gross idea of the content or just can make the main point in question elaborate and can guide you towards the inside details of the content. A brief summary just serves the typical purpose of an illustrative façade or gateway to a mansion and it helps you to come in terms with the content.

  7. Structured presentation of content rich in information and insights
  8. To talk of content we irrevocably refer to all sorts of web experience of coming across various readable materials augmented by images, media etc. Website content is a heterogeneous entity that can be of various types, but most traffic friendly content are those that deliver a pleasure for the reader and enriches him through and through with the insightful rendering of information and logical narratives. Now, just think would you like long arrays of jumbled up lines without any sub heads or sections or any structure that just help you to find the points one by one? Yes, there cannot be a good reading experience without a structure, point-wise sections or subheads and that is why across the biggies in web it is one of the much appreciated ways to increase Google search hits.

  9. Using optimized images to make content appreciation more effective
  10. Images make a solid impression to the user as soon as he reaches on the content page and images augment the web reading experience to a great extent. But first of all images should be uploaded with least hindrance at the time of page upload and then only befitting images will serve to augment the reading experience. Moreover images have also some important aesthetic purposes to serve as per the design of the website and using visually optimized images to elevate the reading experience is surely one of the rewarding ways to target search ranks and increase appreciating web traffic.

  11. Quality link scheme including a good number of high profile guest links
  12. If you are a webmaster or a SEO expert, probably you are already thinking why this prime point is appearing so late in our discussion on top 10 ways to increase Google search hits. Yes, there can be nothing as important as link scheme for hitting search ranks, so much so that most websites with bad link scheme to influence search ranks from back door are also punished accordingly. Quality links from reputed web sources adds heavily to your weight as a content rich website and consequently it results in good web traffic. Moreover, inviting quality guest links or guest posts with quality links creates additional web traffic and influences search ranks. Being connected to the influential ones always pay and that is true in web space as well.

  13. Relevant links that can serve your interest while adding value
  14. Remember however qualitative be are the sources of your links on the page, in the ultimate sense if they are not relevant to your featured content they not only just are purposeless but they can as well pull down your web campaign. Every search engine, particularly Google knows that the derogatory back door link scheme always strive to feature links keeping in mind their business interest irrespective of the relevance of the links in relation to the content and objectives of the topic in discussion and so most of the recent algorithms are driven towards punishing these link schemes that are irrelevant and directed towards only small gains in search ranks. Remember if your links are not relevant they are working to pull down your search ranks now instead of boosting them.

  15. Making social network promotion as versatile as possible
  16. Promoting websites and website content through social networking sites is one of the well acclaimed ways to increase Google search hits, but as social networking biggies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are just become commonplace everywhere, the new frontier of social network promotion lies in featuring other niche social networking sites according to the focus of the content or targeted audience. For instance a website concerning environment friendly travel can also include WAYN or Wiser as niche social marketing option.

  17. Well organized, navigation friendly design layout
  18. A well organized, navigation friendly design layout helps your user to feel comfortable in surfing and moreover it positively helps them to find their searched content. On the other hand poor navigation and web page that confuse you with clutter of enough pointless elements in the end actually drives you to leave the website and search elsewhere. A simple, clear and bold design with easy to access navigation for all the contents in different pages make a great web experience for the user and thus positively influences search ranks.

  19. Optimized page upload speed

Optimized page upload speed is undoubtedly one of the topmost ways to increase Google search hits. As most of the surveys as user behaviors indicate, presently web users do not stay in a page if it takes more than 2 to 3 seconds to upload, simply because the option is so huge and secondly because today most of the sites provide an far augmented page upload speed. There are many reasons that make your page upload speed to deteriorate. One of them is the huge number of image or media files that have not been treated as per the speed requirement, secondly havoc amount of Flash element which is already being outdated and replaced by other technologies and lastly lack of a clutter free, simple and content specific landing page that uploads fast.

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Top 10 Ways to Increase Google Search Hits

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