Top 10 Search Tricks for Smarter Googling

The web-masters always trying to do some smarter tricks for chicer ways for googling or how smartly utilize of Google search engine. Some of the Googling techniques skills still more popular. Here are our picks on top 10 search tricks for smarter Googling.


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Top 10 Search Tricks for Smarter Googling

It is true that our web experience today is dominated more or less by the Google, world's most popular search engine. So much so that the term Googling is already enough popular and widespread in use across the web users and whether we admit or not in most of the time we refer to Google experience in relating to search engine. There is great array of search tricks for smarter Googling or smart use of Google search engine that are already well known by the regular web users, but some search tricks are still to be popular and still there are enough scopes for the development of our search techniques in relation to Google search engine. Here are our picks on top 10 search tricks for smarter Googling.

  1. Using Google as a free proxy
  2. Using Google as a free proxy may seem funny but you can actually do it when you require it. The idea is you can use the Google cache memory even when the site is blocked. Just using for example such as you can get to that domain and site. When you want to clear a few duplicate product links you can use a service called 'Give Me Back My Google' as well. This is just one of the less known search tricks for smarter Googling and for avoiding a few unwanted hassles.

  3. Finding related terms and documents
  4. For searches that want to browse a lot of information related to the searched topic sometimes exact search tag does not let us reach exactly where we want to arrive and so we need to search by putting different search tags and thus seeing various search results that are supposed to appear with every search. Just consider using a simple tilde beside the search tag and you will get much wider arrays of related search results containing web pages and documents. Just as we use advanced search option to become more specific in our search we get to huge pull of related search results through a simple tilde beside the search title.

  5. Find objects and foreign language words and phrases with image search
  6. Sometimes we get confused with certain objects, certainly when they are spoken or spelled in a foreign or unknown or less known language. Just type the word or phrase inside the search box and do a image search instead of usual web search, in most of the time the object will be explained by a vivid image and you can thus remember the word or respective term. It is undoubtedly true that we tend to remember any object and their linguistic reference much better through visual presentation and this image search is just one of the search tricks for smarter Googling.

  7. Make Google work for recognizing faces
  8. Even though only a few people actually know how to make use of Google for a face search on the search engine page, learning a few extraordinarily simple tricks actually can make you feel comfortable about it. Just a special URL parameter in Google's image search can really let you access what you are searching for. Just add '&imgtype=face' with the image search page and URL and there you go.

  9. Know about searched location by Google Maps
  10. Talking of top 10 search tricks for smarter Googling cannot ever be complete without a mention of Google Maps which is present in all our location specific searches on the web but few actually use up to its full potential. Whenever you are searching of a place or an institution or any particular location specific thing of your interest you can have a simultaneous search of the place on Google Maps to have a better direction about the location and whereabouts of the place.

  11. Accessing Google Public Data
  12. Many people do not know that Google as the world's most preferred search engine regularly updates itself and offers a great reserve of public domain data that just like regular search you can access on the same search page. These data are often more updated than the website information on various domains because in contrast to those domains this pull of data are sourced in real time from updated sources. Public data keywords such as 'population', 'unemployment', 'US Election', etc. will always let you arrive upon updated public information you are looking for. Using public domain specific keywords for such information is one of the best search tricks for smarter Googling.

  13. Calculate with Google
  14. When you have your Google open you do not need to go to your application meant for performing all the complex calculations, even the normal Google search page can do it much quicker and without any mistakes. Just put the figures of calculation on the search box and search. It listens to be too simple but yes, to your amazement Google will prove itself too simple and handy.

  15. Have a grasp on foreign language with Google translation
  16. Google sometimes rescues our online communication from experiencing a nasty setback just doing a simple thing that we forgot to expect from Google. Probably you never used Google translation but suddenly came across some terms while using web or just while taking to someone having enough difficulty with English and that time using Google translation saved you instantly and at least could let you grasp the meaning of what is being said. From professionals to mere web glued kids Google translation is a learning tool that goes hand in hand with every Google service including Google search.

  17. Take a quick note of converted units through Google
  18. There are hundreds of unit conversion applications that promise to be speedier, but nothing works faster than Google if you search for a unit conversion while you are online. From meter to foot or centigrade to Fahrenheit to almost any type of unit conversion is done in seconds right from the Google search page and most important of all without waiting for much of a time.

  19. Keep tuned with international timing and flight through Google

You can use Google search for knowing the real international timing in different parts of the world. In United States even you can keep updated about the flight information and timing through Google. As Google is increasingly being local with ever surpassing dominance as a search engine in the time to come other countries and areas may have same service of updated flight information.

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Top 10 Search Tricks for Smarter Googling

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