Top 10 Emerging Social Networking Sites

Social networking is part and parcel of our modern life and though some sites are already encompassed billions of people?s regular social sharing needs, the social networking space is continuing to grow and evolve with innovations and multiplicities thanks to many emerging sites. Here we introduce top 10 emerging social networking sites.


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Top 10 Emerging Social Networking Sites

It is no longer a literary expression but an unsurpassable truth concerning our living reality that we human beings as a race are more social on the virtual simulated space of internet than the sensory world around us and this could not have happened without the huge penetration and proliferation of social networking sites encompassing almost every walk of life. While the giants like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace are already phenomenon, a great array of emerging social networking sites are fast coming up to fill up those uncontested spaces in the nook and corners and in the coming years these sites are going to shape the war on the market share of social communication. This simulated internet driven society and social communications are increasingly bent on making every single opinion, every single individual perception and expression the subject of dialogue and in the mean time we embraced this pseudo society of sophistication, that's the funny side of this new reality. Let us introduce here top 10 emerging social networking sites that are continuing to grow in prominence over the years.

  1. Medium
  2. Medium has a specialty that is best described as its strength, that is to say it only allows posts that are not truly personal in character and can be shared with the net community. So for a person who breathes his freshest among people of thought culture and discussion, this site has no alternative. Medium encourages posts that are thought provoking, informative or valuable rather than so called casual talks and sharing of personal nature and that is precisely the reason of its distinct identity. As already frustration is increasing among a great number of people concerning typical all-in-one box shallow character of certain social networking sites, Medium is already an exemplary phenomenon among the emerging social networking sites.

  3. Pheed
  4. Did you ever think of the commercial possibility of selling your so called social network posts or feeds against a price? Why sharing those precious photo shots, exclusive videos or your insight-driven comments or texts while actually you can make others pay a price to access them? Opening the commercial possibility of sharing so called social network posts is the idea behind Pheed which is a pun of two words, respectively as Feeds and Fee. Star celebrities and several personalities are already joining Pheed for monetizing their social network posts. Considering the loose character of typical everything-goes-all biggies in social networking space, the idea is not bad.

  5. Flayvr
  6. With smart phones and small handheld devices gracing the palms of almost everybody, everyone is experimenting with his photographic passion and the possibility of taking some gritty eye catching sites and when the devices are internet ready all the time to share one's photographic merits and collections became easier than ever. Flayvr is a social networking site that can boost your pursuits of photography just arranging your uploaded collection in an aesthetic and appealing manner and that is precisely the reason behind the popularity of this as one of the emerging social networking sites. Just with a tap inside the application you can share a whole album as a sophisticatedly organized glossy album.

  7. Sina Weibo
  8. Probably you are already being surprised with this rather unusual entry in our list of top 10 emerging social networking sites, but to your amazement this rather regional site which is China's big answer to giants like Facebook or Twitter, has already double subscriber base compared to Twitter. According to latest statistics one fourth of Chinese population are already signed in with Sina Weibo. Though the US version of the site is still lagging far behind, considering the gigantic growth rate it is undoubtedly going to be a major contender for the selected few leaders in the social networking space of coming years.

  9. Thumb
  10. While the typical selective signs like 'thumbs up' and thumbs down' have been a popular expression of choice in selecting or in expressing choice or opinion for millions of people in relation to various choices that regularly come across the web, Thumb is a completely dedicated website for knowing the varying choice of the crowd when such options are presented and this typical decision making procedure already famous as crowd-sourcing is popular through this site even more. For instance you cannot decide whether to wear a bright orange tea shirt with blue denim in your first date, the crowd engaged in the Thumb can help you to decide in that case if you can upload the pictures and seek choices.

  11. Whisper
  12. As the name suggests Whisper is a social networking site that does not believe in shouting out loud like other sites. The most important aspect of Whisper is that your posts are published anonymously without disclosing your identity and source and thus it is a place to share all that you cannot or do not want to share publicly. With more than 1 million subscribers base and 8 million posts already in the time to come it can easily be considered as one of the top emerging social networking sites. The potential of Whisper is really enormous since there are not much sites to name that offer such anonymous posting platform. The whisper is continuing to spread between years without making much fuss!

  13. Conversations
  14. The idea that made Conversations possible is the use of social networking platform for easier and smarter in-office communication, but it already surpassed that typical category and now throbbing with millions of subscribers to take on the biggies in popularity. In a professional environment teal members or colleagues or personnel in the business channel just can post their messages on the Facebook style message board for real time sharing. Thanks to this sleazy platform, team based customer support have been very easier in various professional environments.

  15. Spreecast
  16. Spreecast is basically a social video communication platform. Though majority of successful social networking sites still boasts of text posts as their main body of messaging, a social networking site completely based upon video message posts is undoubtedly a great idea and that is why we must consider Spreecast as a heavyweight contender for the social networking market of the years to come. Spreecast with video posts is more engaging in every respect, from brand promotion to personal communication to purpose driven conversation.

  17. Chirp
  18. How technology and innovative interfaces are continuing to change and shape the social networking space for better or for worse can be best exemplified by this hot smart sharing platform. To share a photo or link over other social networking sites you need a membership and go through a lengthy process while Chirp lets you share anything just through a sound that a similar Chirp ready phone catches and immediately downloads the sent message. Once you have downloaded the application your device is ready to participate in such communication. Without emailing, Bluetooth you just share anything with another device in the room.

  19. Soundcloud

In mentioning the emerging social networking sites that are continuing to grow in popularity particularly for their innovations, Soundcloud is a must pick. You can upload any fresh audio files including music, voice over or anything and simultaneously can access to multitude of fresh music tracks from around the world. This innovative social network platform was originally created to make sharing of originally created sounds possible.

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Top 10 Emerging Social Networking Sites

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