Pros and Cons of Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO techniques have both the attributes of ethical and legitimate White Hat SEO and illegitimate and unethical Black Hat SEO. Corresponding to this typical attributes on the verge of both ethical and unethical there are number of pros and cons of Gray Hat SEO that we have discussed here in detail.


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Before explaining those topsy-turvy pros and cons of Gray Hat SEO let us get down to some basics on SEO. The SEO or search engine optimization has undergone many technical changes corresponding to the algorithms and constraints on search ranks launched by Google and other major search engines from time to time. According to the acceptance level and ethical shortcoming of techniques geared towards search engine results there are three distinct types of SEO techniques, respectively as Black Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO and White Hat SEO techniques.

While Black Hat SEO are referred to the SEO techniques which are most questionable, unethical, deplorable and degrading for web user experience, White Hat SEO is just the opposite with acclaimed, ethical and value adding SEO techniques that are instrumental to enrich the web experience of the users. Gray Hat SEO typically rests between these two polarities and refers to the SEO techniques that are not straightforwardly contradictory to Google's webmaster guidelines and are not questionable for degrading web user experience so much as the Black Hat SEO, but nevertheless it has some factors that can play a deteriorating role for web users and naturally those are the vulnerable to new algorithms like Google penguin update. Let us get down to some of the noteworthy pros and cons of Gray Hat SEO.

Bad links those are not too bad

The idea behind link building is to increase the viability of the website through links that are related to the topic, offering the reader multiple links to get information on the search topics and finally just on the merit of these links generating more web traffic. While Black Hat SEO techniques consists of link strategy that is solely geared to come to search ranks and offer no value proposition for the reader, White Hat SEO techniques offer the ideal proposition, both value for the user and rewarding search ranks by offering quality links and resulting traffic. Gray Hat SEO takes a in between path and may engage links that are not good links to add real value to browsing experience but at the same time not absolutely bad to be dubbed as back door technique geared towards search engine. It won't face Google wrath just readily but may lag behind well known sites dominated by White Hat SEO techniques.

Unnatural sounding keyword density in otherwise unique content

You were otherwise quite contented with the informative and well presented content while reading except for those bold lines that keep on repeating many times. This typical keyword repetition or density that sounds like keyword stuffing maybe unfavorable by the search engines but when such happens in an otherwise good article with real value proposition for the reader it is at the same time can be merely regarded as weak SEO and still can hit the search ranks. In regard to discussing on pros and cons of Gray Hat SEO, keyword density is a crucial area of consideration now, especially after new Google algorithm, Google penguin update . So though inappropriately more keyword density in a otherwise good content still is out of potential danger, as Google becomes stricter it may has to pay its price in near future.

Content that is unique in language but similar in other attributes

Article spinning or similar article that is published incorporating changes in language and aspects pertaining to presentation in several places is a old Gray Hat SEO tactics that for a long time has enjoyed enough popularity among websites as a better alternative to both copied content or much investment demanding unique and genuine content, but this one area can face genuine Google slash after the new algorithm update, because this time Google is ready to come heavily on all those practices that are devaluing for web users. No longer you can get away with similar or near similar web content to reach search ranks. For hitting Google search ranks there's no other alternative that publishing cent percent genuine and unique content.

Promoting business interest with otherwise natural content

That is really a grey area that cannot be readily dubbed as deplorable, devaluing and derogatory for the web users, yet it risks itself to be on the verge of Google webmaster guidelines. Sometimes web content sounds absolutely natural but without creating much fuss promotes a business interest and still hits the search ranks. For instance a holiday rental booking site while describing some travel locations promotes holiday rental accommodations as the best travel stay alternative to hotels. To talk about the pros and cons of Gray Hat SEO a reference to such practice is simply irreplaceable, because though still promoting open business interests as part of a content with different motive is relatively safe as long as your content is genuine and to some extent value adding to the user's query, as Google becomes stricter it can prove to be a challenging proposition in future.

Buying old domains

The newbie in the internet domains can see it rather amazing and think in surprise how just buying an old web domain can be dubbed as Gray Hat SEO technique. Let us get into the details of how buying an old SEO domain can provide some extra and undue advantage for some webmasters. An old domain with their link schemes, content reserve and design attributes may carry a certain weight or web following and now if the new owner who has bought that site uses it for unethical business promotion using its already up-moving search ranks , it is undoubtedly a Gray Hat SEO technique. Through such practice you are actually taking undue advantage of the site's previous ranks and reputation and devaluing user experience in that site now.

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Pros and Cons of Gray Hat SEO

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