10 SEO Mistakes Most People Do

Websites make up the search ranks primarily because of their SEO optimized content and presentation but people tend to do mistakes that in spite of their focus do not let them get to search ranks. Here we explain some of the common SEO mistakes that most people do.


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10 SEO Mistakes Most People Do

Your excellence in making your SEO campaign work for search engine hits and consequent web traffic at the same time related to how you avoid certain SEO mistakes most people do. These mistakes are sometimes seen as pertaining to the so called SEO tradition or are backdoor practices that are long thought to be effective for good SEO result or are mere deviances of standard SEO practices. While some of them are not much influencing to have a derogatory effect on the search engine result, some just become the factors behind the failure of SEO campaign. Some of these mistakes are deliberate in character and are part of Black Hat SEO techniques which is a strictly no-no in the post Google Penguin era, while some of the mistakes just fall in the category of typical shortcoming. Here is our pick in choosing 10 SEO mistakes most people do.

  1. A complex website that search engine spiders just cannot crawl
  2. Sometimes your website can be challenging enough for the search engine to trace and find your content to index. This difficulty is widely named as crawling problem and is one of the faulty areas of your website development that can make you pay a hefty price in terms of search engine ranks and traffic. For instance you have few gigabytes of content comprising more than hundreds of pages but Google only indexed as few as 10 pages, then your site has got serious crawling issues. If entire site and each and every area of content cannot be properly crawled by the Google search engine spider then the problem is making you lose search engine ranks and consequently web traffic. Developing a website that search engine spiders cannot crawl is one of the commonest SEO mistakes most people do.

  3. More focus on link scheme rather than content
  4. We all know the importance of good link scheme comprising quality links from reputed sources to make the website carry a weight, but how can link scheme can be prioritized before the content? Here Content is the basis of a website and for content only web users flock to various websites for the purpose of gaining knowledge, insights and information and now if the content is shown backstage while all other promotional activities and web networking schemes like links continue to dominate the foreground without any value adding content to back up their presence then it is obviously devaluing for the web users and consequently the site is supposed to experience setback in search engine ranks. So focusing on link scheme instead of content is enough to make you lose the ground beneath your feet.

  5. Targeting duplicate content with the same keyword
  6. It is rather a common practice among so many websites, but as new algorithm updates like Google Penguin getting tougher on these, in the short time we can see many sites experience huge slash from the search ranks. Many people are lured to use this trick - that is to say, using same keyword for duplicate content in different URLs and the thought that provokes them to do so is to gain more search ranks through the same duplicated content. Targeting search ranks with duplicate content is one of the common SEO mistakes most people do. Most of the major search engines including Google being tougher on these devaluing practices, duplicate content can actually mean being thrown away from search ranks.

  7. Lack of using analytics to know the factors responsible for pulling you down
  8. There are resources to know your site's potential and weak points analyzed to take further steps for appropriate recovery. These resources or tools are commonly called as site analytics and without them modern day site maintenance and augmenting is impossible. Google analytics is one such tool and there great array of other reputed ones. Analytics let you know the keyword phrases that drive most traffic and also gives you analytical overview of targeting which keywords for best result in terms of traffic. Sometimes even low traffic phrases can convert better business just because they are more specific. With low traffic phrases to get to several first page ranks can just be enough rewarding in terms of business conversion. On the other hand lacking in the use of analytics to know and analyze the key responsible factors and how they work for your site can really make your site non-performing in terms of business.

  9. Lacking in unique title tags and meta description
  10. Creating search optimized or search friendly and popular yet pin pointed title tags is not a small art and in many cases even a good content simply suffers because of the lacking in creating a unique title tag. With your SEO tool first do a little bit of research on the possible keywords and their popularity matrix and based on the keywords formulate a title tag. Remember title tag and keyword can be the same sometimes, but in any case a title tag must contain one of the main keywords. When uploading your content writing short and search optimized meta description is another important factor to get best SEO results. Many sites just put the same lines in the beginning of the introduction part of an article as meta-description while uploading content and that is one of the frequent SEO mistakes that most people do.

  11. Not focusing on quality guest links
  12. Like the world outside in the internet domain also being connected with the reputed lot or biggies or experts pays a lot and this connection is nowhere evident with such directness than in link building. If your website contain links that let the user be guided to other stalwarts in your sector your site will definitely carry extra weight in search ranks. But getting quality links is not so simple. For having a pool of quality links from various web sources you need to invite array of guest posts and consequently those posts will slowly weave the links in your site that would work as the launch pad for your users to be directed to similar sites of acclaimed reputation and thus through cross reference you web presence will continue to loom larger and brighter.

  13. Keyword stuffing or inappropriate keyword density
  14. Unnatural sounding repetition of keywords can really be harmful to the readability and overall quality of the content and huge density of keyword in content often amounts to keyword stuffing which is nothing but a Black Hat SEO tactics that is solely geared towards coming up the search ranks without adding any value to the readership or user experience. Keyword stuffing is one of the severely punished SEO tactics in the post Google Penguin update scenario and if you are still not aware of the fact it is high time to remove those junk of stuffed keywords from the content.

  15. An heavy page that takes too much time to load
  16. One of the most commonly noticeable SEO mistakes that most people do is in designing and developing a website that is not technically augmented for fast upload. Yes, if you take more than enough time to upload your page you just cannot expect your users to stay contented in patience just as in so called cue before an erstwhile vendor counter. No web user can wait more than a couple of seconds for the website to show its content, no way! They would just leave as early as they came seeing that you are taking more than a few seconds to upload, it is the reality. Internet provides multitude of options for every searched topic and there is no assurance that you will be giving them the best of the lot and so naturally waiting for your site to upload may be costlier in terms of time and nobody is just ready to pay such a price when options are so huge and multifarious.

  17. Sacrificing content for looks
  18. There are sites that focuses on looks and without exactly knowing why become almost passionately narcissistic in their pursuing of smart looks. The funny point is most often such tendency ends up in sacrificing the focus on the content and thus the website in spite of doing everything in design in great precision just cannot make search ranks and cannot make a promising footfall of web traffic. Remember, content cannot be on the backbench, for content only web users browse through the search ranks and however sleazy, smart looks you want to see your website deliver it must work as a supplementary value to the brilliance of presenting content in the foreground.

  19. Non structured content without subheads, proper paragraphs and divisions

Just think of a common choice when comparing between two types of content. For instance a content which is a mixture of loose lines without any paragraphing, subheads, introduction, summary etc. and a structured content with all these - what will please you, attract you as a reader? Undoubtedly a structured content with separate points and paragraphs makes reading a pleasure and easier as we just can look over the important points and quickly recap. Writing non structured content without point-wise paragraphs, subheads and statutory introduction and summary undoubtedly deserves to be one of the top 10 SEO mistakes most people do.

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10 SEO Mistakes Most People Do

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