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Open Source Web Conferencing written in Java

Web Conferencing

Open Source Home
  • 1-4-U Conference Call - 1-4-U Conference Call offers conferencing services including audio, video and web conferencing quality services, all at the discounted price.

  • A+ Conferencing - A+ Conferencing is a one-stop source for many of the top performing audio conferencing, web conferencing, conference calls and teleconferencing services at some of the lowest prices available today. Fifty years in the conferencing business gives us the experience to provide you with some of the best conferencing solutions and customer service in the industry. Let our consultants help you determine which service(s) will best meet both your budget and your goals. Whether you need audio conferencing, video conferencing, web conferencing, conference calls or teleconferencing services - A + Conferencing has the perfect solution to match your

    A+ Conferencing offers several of today top web conferencing, online training.
  • Agile Live - Agile Live Meeting Visuals delivers Web Conferencing solutions to meet your company needs.

    Present information more effectively to deliver your message.

    Conduct sales presentations, training sessions, and streamline support activities using industry leading tools.

    Collaborate on your latest sales figures, financial projections, product plans, design specifications, graphics, and drawings with anyone, anytime without geographic barriers. Immediately transfer files and documents, trial software, product brochures, proposals, and contracts.

    Demonstrate your software applications or show your entire computer desktop to provide a real-time remote experience.

    Get intimate and share video from your computer desktop web camera.

    Save time and money and leverage this powerful productivity tool.

  • ASAP - Convoq ASAP is the affordable flat-fee Web conferencing service thats easy to budget and easy to deploy. With ASAP, you can accelerate your sales cycle and dramatically improve your close rates because its the only presence-assisted, instant online meeting and presentation solution
  • Assemble Conferencing - Assemble Conferencing (www.assembleconferencing.com) is a brand of Globalive Communications, Inc., a leader in the development of client-oriented telecom solutions. Assemble specializes in private-label conferencing solutions. From the bridge to the billing system, we will launch your conferencing company within 30 days. Our aggressive wholesale rates and integrated portfolio of audio and web conferencing services allow you to create an outstanding offering for your customers. As part of our program, you obtain a Web Administration System to provision accounts, view Master Agent and Sub-Agent sales activity, and access & download various reports. As well, we will deliver a branded Customer Self-Serve web site for your customers to administer their account and view usage reports, reducing customer service inquiries. With Assemble you get to market quicker and generate revenue sooner.

  • aveComm - aveComm is Atinav communication and collaboration software, designed to enable innovative ways for individuals to communicate via the Internet. The modular architecture enhances existing functionalities of businesses and training environments. It includes feature-rich modules such as full duplex voice communication, application sharing, co-browsing, HTML form sharing, and more… all over the Internet. Each module works independently so that users can customize aveComm to produce the solution that best fits their requirements. aveComm allows individuals the control, security and privacy they require, and enables closely-knit groups to collaborate and communicate on a broad range of activities within secure, shared environment in real-time, or at different times.

  • Blive - BLive develops online customer care solutions for small to mid-size companies performing sales, service and support functions. BLive consolidates desktop sharing, remote control, and online meetings in one easy-to-use, cost-effective package.
  • Breeze Live - The new Breeze 5 elevates online training, marketing, sales and web conferencing to a whole new level, delivering high-impact communications everyone can access instantly.

    Breeze is a rich web communication system that lets you reach your audience anytime with engaging multimedia content. And, because Breeze is deployed using Macromedia Flash Player, already installed on more than 98% of browsers worldwide, your audience can join your Breeze online meetings, training courses and on-demand presentations instantly.

  • Bridgit - Bridgit software simplifies online conferencing. Its as easy as sending e-mail.

  • Callworthy Conferencing - Resellers of name-brand conferencing services at flat monthly fees or discounted per-minute rates
  • Cata - The Cata Online Support center is a self-help information site for assisting our customers.
  • Centra - Centra enables groups to work faster and more effectively by automating critical learning and training initiatives online through virtual classrooms, online meetings and Web conferences.
  • Click to Meet - by First Virtual Communications (formerly CUSeeMe)
    Software for collaborative meetings. Features voice and video telephony, streaming media, and data collaboration. Offers an XML-based developers kit which allows custom applications to be built.
  • Communiqué Conferencing - Communiqué Web Conferencing services enable live meetings online that are reliable and economical. The service is a fully hosted solution that includes a choice of either low pay-per-use or flat monthly subscription pricing.
  • Conferral - With Conferral integrated into Microsoft Office, you now have the easiest and most affordable way to improve your business and personal productivity
  • Connex International - Connex international can show you how to set up conferences to help you achieve your communication goals with greater ease.
  • EasyWebPresenter - EasyWebPresenter is a web-based conferencing service, which allows Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations to be remotely delivered over the Internet.

  • eBlvd - eBlvd is unique.Affordable,Efficient,and Simple real-time visual and audio interactivity.Now you can reduce costs,improve produductivity,build relationships,and accelerate your organization to the speed of e-bussiness.
  • eCollaborate -

    In partnership with Canfone.coms eCollaborate service. eDedicated.net
    is proud to offer a hosted internet online meeting and collaboration solution
    for small businesses, marketing & sales and online learning applications.
    Instantly upload and deliver PowerPoint presentations over the internet.

    • Increase your sales and marketing capabilities

    • Increase the flow of information and ideas

    • Save on travel costs

    • Integrated VoIP Solution save on long-distance phone bills

    • PowerPoint ™ ! Presentations in real-time

    • Record Presentations for playback on website.

    • Unlimited use (no per minute restrictions)

  • Elluminate - Elluminate Live! enables to talk over the internet, chat online, share whiteboards, and share applications- all while ensuring the highest-quality user experience.
  • Encounter Collaborative - With Encounters suite of audio and web conferencing services, you will find the business tools you need to hold any type of meeting - at any time and any place. From reservationless audio conferences to web-based instant meetings, Encounters products enable you to collaborate when and with whom you want, enhancing your communication, increasing productivity and reducing costs.
  • ezenia! -

    InfoWorkSpace is a suite of collaborative tools that enables a companys
    workforce to chat instantly, share applications, work and participate in virtual
    meetings, in real-time, regardless of location.

    InfoWorkSpace Includes:

    • A customizable secure virtual environment organized into secure buildings,
      floors and rooms, filled with tools you need to collaborate.
    • Improve collaboration in on-line sessions with robust and reliable
      applications. Edit text, annotate documents and graphics and share
    • A fully integrated instant messaging client, complete with text and voice
      chat, virtual whiteboard, document editing and application sharing.
    • Communicate securely and effectively, using text, audio and graphics with
      team members and co-workers.

    The InfoWorkSpace Enterprise Advantage:

    • Leverage Corporate Knowledge - Find experts and collaborate in
      real-time with a robust set of on-line tools.
    • Work More Effectively - Share knowledge instantly with the people
      who need it! Co-workers, partners, and customers come together in your
      customized on-line world.
    • Secure And Reliable - Encrypted communications and digital
      certificate authentication ensure that your collaborative sessions are
    • Increase Productivity - Combine ideas, develop presentations, work
      with graphics, text, and multimedia applications within a secure virtual
    • Connect Your Global Workforce - Accelerate critical decision-making
      across networks and around the world while reducing business travel.

    It also support web conferencing features and live video and audio.

  • eZmeeting - eZmeeting takes the meeting from the boardroom to the desktop. It then delivers, with point and click simplicity, the worlds most powerful data conferencing and information sharing platform. Going beyond email and other information sharing methods, eZmeeting provides instantaneous, visual data communication and collaboration.

  • GatherPlace -
  • Genesys Conferencing - Genesys Conferencing provides innovative communication solutions. Our services allow professionals to conduct effective, efficient virtual meetings and managed events in real time, reaching participants anywhere in the world.
    Today, Genesys Conferencing stands as the worlds leading specialist in group communications and has earned a reputation as the most innovative company in the industry.

  • Gentner Communications - It is one of the services provider of web conferencing under the name of TheDataport.com.
    It deliver dynamic mulitimedia presentations to people around the world, eliminiting the cost of airfare, lodging, and lost productivity.

  • GoToMeeting - Just use the GoToMeeting icon in your system tray, an email or an instant message. There are no complicated logins or setups.
  • GRClive - GRCLive is the name of GrassRoots Communication core collaboration and conferencing software category. The GRCLive family of products includes GRC Lite, GRC Business Edition, and GRC Pro.
    Based on GRC advanced client-server based collaboration and conferencing services, with the emphasis on collaborative tools, GRCLive services are designed primarily for business professionals and Small to Medium businesses. All GRCLive products include unique document sharing features, secure management of conferencing scenarios, and easy-to-use common features.

    One example of ease-of-use is the specific attention that has been paid to integrating the document sharing launch buttons common to all GRCLive products into the toolbars of existing common business applications (e.g. MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint). From these applications users can easily launch a GRCLive conference session and share or collaborate on a document
  • GrouputerNet -

    Why GrouputerNet

    • GrouputerNet stands alone in the
      Internet/web conferencing market. Our key differentiation is our structured
      interactive meeting processes that reduce meeting and preparation time and
      encourage better decision-making.

    • Other programs are used mainly for
      one-to-many information delivery through presentations and tools such as

    • In addition to our presentation and
      polling tools, the GrouputerNet platform enables everyone to have equal
      airtime and to express themselves in their own words through their keyboard.

    • Parallel input in GrouputerNet cuts
      meeting time by up to 50% and increases productivity.

    • Grouputer saves all discussion as
      formatted text for immediate distribution and archiving, rather than as an
      audio file as do other programs.

    • Participants unable to attend the online
      meetings can log on asynchronously in their own time and contribute to the
      discussion, voting, and view presentations and other learning materials.

    • GrouputerNet has a Process Builder! All
      your meeting and learning processes can be quickly converted into standalone
      applications. Imagine - your organization meeting processes packaged for
      online delivery - Project Management, Six Sigma, Process Improvement - just
      to name a few!

  • GroupWorld.net - GroupWorld.net is a secure, cross-platform web meeting/conferencing package which allows you to set up online meeting rooms with whiteboard, voice/video conferencing and desktop sharing, or host your own 3D chat world.

    Main Features:

    • Can be hosted from any Windows or Linux machine - no server necessary.
    • Applets can be embedded in web pages or used standalone, like java.
    • Users just go to your web page to log onto your meeting rooms. A small
      500k browser plugin allows anyone with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape
      or Firefox to use the system, on either Windows or Linux (a Mac plugin will
      be available soon).
    • Example applications include: whiteboard, chat, video & audio chat,
      message board, desktop sharing, 3D virtual chat world with multi-user games
      and file sharing.
    • AES encryption (the US government standard) on all data sent to/from
      server, to ensure privacy and security.
    • Programming language and virtual machine, similar to C and java, allowing
      you to customise the example applications or develop your own.
    • Simple yet powerful API with built-in support for audio and video
      conferencing, 3D graphics, desktop sharing and GUI design.
    • Personal licenses: host the system on your own computer for US$99/year or
      $9.99/month for a 10 user license (£69+VAT/year or £6.99+VAT/month for UK
      customers) - all that is required is a broadband internet connection. You
      can then customise the applications or develop your own.
    • Business licenses: host the system on your corporate network for
      US$199/year or $19.99/month for a 25 user license with desktop sharing (£149+VAT/year
      or £14.99+VAT/month for UK customers). Because GroupWorld.net is
      self-hosted, it is more cost-effective than WebEx or GoToMeeting.
    • Permanent licenses are also be available for business users for US$750 for
      a 25 user license.

  • HelpMeeting - HelpMeeting Presenter is one of a family of services offered by HelpMeeting LLC. We are computer professionals with over 20 years of experience in creating conferencing applications. HelpMeeting has been offering web based conferencing services since 1999.

    We are committed to delivering high quality, reliable and easy to use conferencing solutions at an affordable price.

    HelpMeeting Presenter addresses users needs for a fast and easy way to share their screen.

  • hotComm - hotComm is the desktop client which provides fast, efficient, private interactive access or exchange of text, voice, video, data and applications between participating hotComm users on the Web. Further, any user may be client or server or both, providing maximum flexibility and interoperability among the users, who may be world-wide. All they need is Intermet access.

    hotComm is available with several levels of collaboration and connectivity:

    The hotComm client, which is downloaded and installed on each user computer, periodically updates the user currently active network IP address, even among dynamically connected users. This information enables the 1stWorks Network to maintain a table of active users so that, after authentication, individual users are able to establish direct, interactive and secure peered connections between individuals or groups.

  • HP Virtual Classroom - With the HP Virtual Classroom, you enjoy all the benefits of live interaction without the need for expensive travel. Participants can attend classes or meetings from anywhere in the world via a standard Internet connection.

  • iLinc - Web conferencing software and audio conferencing solutions.
  • InComm Conferencing - InComm Conferencing is your sole-source provider for conferencing services. Whether you need a simple, unassisted audio conference for a workgroup or a large, operator-assisted video conference for an entire corporation – or anything in between – we have a solution to meet your requirements.
    Audio conferences let you inexpensively put meeting participants together, whether you are hosting a small team meeting or a large event. Web conferences are great for online presentations. And video conferences give attendees the experience of being in the same room, no matter where in the world they are.

  • TTC Global Talk Interactive Web Conferencing - It is a hosted web conferencing services.

    Now you can have a full featured voice chat
    solution and much more for a fraction of the cost that has been available until

    Please take a moment to compare:

    » Extremely user friendly.

    » Excellent sound quality.

    » Integrated browser for web presentation.

    » Sophisticated text chat.

    » Password protection of rooms.

    » A full spectrum of moderator features.

    » Share and send web pages.

    » Brand your room with your own colors, layout, banners, and icon.

    » Lock your room for private meetings.

    Take charge of those meetings or seminars
    with the ability to audio mute, text mute, clear the current speaker, cue or
    kick users out of the room for complete traffic control.

  • Umeeting - Umeeting delivers real-time web conferencing and collaboration services that
    increase productivity and deliver immediate cost savings to your business.
    From video conferencing, desktop sharing to Internet voice and interactive
    whiteboards, Umeeting web conferencing is a low-cost way to empower efficient and effective communications with your customers, suppliers and colleagues.

  • V2 Conference - IT Global One™ offers real-time on-demand collaboration and web conferencing solutions to global businesses. The company brings the conferencing system, V2 Conference with full audio, video, and data capabilities at a very competitive price. Through V2 Conference, businesses are able to increase productivity and reduce cost at their firms.
  • Vcall / Communicast - Vcall Web Conferencing is a leading solution offering the widest array of interactive features combined with the most comprehensive event support in the industry to ensure a successful web event. You get expert services with the easiest-to-use tools. Vcall Web Conferencing is priced per event, per minute or per person.
  • VIA3 - VIA3® lets you hold live, secure meetings over the Internet, regardless of where attendees are located. Everyone can see and hear everyone else, view and edit documents or images together, and store files in secure online file cabinets. VIA3 online meetings are completely secure—no uninvited parties can look on, listen in, or ever gain access to your sensitive information.
  • VoiceCafé - VoiceCafé Group Inc - our products bring the impact of Internet-based voice communication to online conferences, corporate sales and marketing efforts, online training and instruction, employee communications, instant messaging and customer support.

  • Voxwire - The Voxwire™ MeetingRoom is an unlimited computer-to-computer web conferencing application that allows people to talk to each other, send text-messages, and see the same website or other presentation on their screens - from anywhere in the world. It can be used for private communication or with large groups of participants.
  • Web Conferencing - Web conferencing provides conferencing services including featuring multiparty video conferencing, desktop and application sharing, and PowerPoint presentations etc.
  • Web Conferencing Central - Web Conferencing Central gives you a reliable and affordable way to share software applications, Powerpoint presentations, or anything running on your PC with others in online meetings. With this system, your viewers see with clarity what you display on your desktop. Alternatively, you can pass control of the meeting and see what they display on their PC.

  • Web-4M - Web-4M is a comprehensive collaboration and learning environment. Web-4M is an integrated suite of peer-to-peer, multi-user , and groupware tools that deliver information Just-In-Time. Web-4M features browser accessible local and global communication. Utilizing the latest Java technology, Web-4M eliminates software distribution, provides platform independence, and reduces administration.
  • WebConference - It offers you real-time video conferencing, desktop sharing, Internet voice, web conferencing and collaboration services that increase productivity and deliver immediate cost savings to your business.

  • WebConferencing4U -

    Leading Web conferencing technologies at lower prices just for you!

    web conferencing technologies  The
    best technologies for Web seminars, webinars, net meetings

    no set-up fees  Fast,
    one-day account creation with no set-up fees

    free training and support  Free
    training and experienced customer support

    technical support  Toll-free
    telephone support

  • WebDemo - Linktivity is a division of Inter-Tel ®. Linktivity provides real-time communications and remote control software to enable instantaneous, platform independent, browser-to-browser web conferencing and help desk support solutions. The Linktivity family of products includes WebDemo™, a Web-based, real-time conferencing and collaboration software tool and WebInteractive™, a real-time server software tool that provides Support Professionals with an efficient way to manage and resolve online PC support requirements.

  • WebEx - The WebEx suite of Web meeting applications is designed to accelerate and support the entire business cycle, enabling real-time multimedia communication that drives sales, marketing, training, product development, manufacturing, and support. WebEx brings true interactivity to online meetings between employees, customers, and partners, anywhere, anytime–all with no investments or deployment costs for hardware or software.
  • WebInterpoint - WebInterpoint by WebDialogs provides the most flexible voice and web conferencing solutions available with just the right features needed to hold productive online meetings.

    Every day WebDialogs brings people together from across the office or around the world to effectively collaborate, train, and present great ideas. Backed by a best-in-class support team and proven technology, WebDialogs conferencing solutions are easy to use and quick to implement.

  • WebTrain - WebTrain web conferencing provides a high quality solution for live, highly interactive web conferences, conventions and seminars.

    In todays highly competitive and cost conscious business world, web conferencing is quickly replacing many conventional face to face meetings, cutting thousands of dollars in travel expenses and the disruption to day to day operations that results when key people are away from their office.

    WebTrain offers a web conferencing solution that is not only industry leading but, most importantly, is extremely easy to use for highly interactive and effective online business meetings.
  • Workspace3D - WorkSpace3D brings an original solution on the groupware market and more particularly on the Web conferencing market.

    It offers all Web Conferencing features through customizable 3D virtual environments, where each user is shown as a virtual character (avatar), sees through this character’s eyes and interacts with 3D applications.

    The third dimension allows to create virtual workspaces, to make them more user-friendlier and more accessible. The users know intuitively "who" is doing "what", "where" and "how", which is not possible with other software. Collaboration is thus more effective and productivity increases, even if the workers are geographically remote.



    • Audio
      conferencing / video conferencing :
      WorkSpace3D offers high
      quality Video / Audio conferencing services. (MPEG-4)

    • Advanced
      gestural system :

      Indicators which help you to know if the user wishes to speak, wants to
      attract the attention on something, or asks a question...

    • Textual chat

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very interesting article. I want to make audio conferencing in our ofice...

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I would like to know the code of Workspace3D and then develop the same for better result

Posted by Zaheer on Thursday, 10.9.08 @ 13:24pm | #80975

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