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  • 3-Button-Mouse, The 3 Button Serial Mouse mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 1998. How to get a 3 button serial mouse working properly under Linux.

  • 3D-Modelling, 3D Graphics Modelling and Rendering mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Mar 2001. Details download and installation instructions for a graphics rendering and modelling development environment using RedHat Linux.

  • 4mb-Laptops, 4mb Laptop HOWTO

    Updated: Apr 2000. Put a "grown-up" Linux on a small-spec (4mb RAM, <=200mb hard disk) laptop.

  • 8021X-HOWTO, 802.1X Port-Based Authentication HOWTO

    Updated: Oct 2004. Describes the software and procedures to set up and use IEEE 802.1X Port-Based Network Access Control using Xsupplicant as Supplicant with FreeRADIUS as a back-end Authentication Server.

  • Accessibility-HOWTO, Linux Accessibility HOWTO

    Updated: Jun 2002. Covers the use of adaptive technologies that are available for Linux.

  • Accessibility-Dev-HOWTO, How to Develop Accessible Linux Applications

    Updated: May 2002. Provides Linux software developers with guidelines and test cases for developing accessible Linux applications.

  • ACP-Modem, Linux ACP Modem (Mwave) mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Jul 2002. Describes how to build, setup, and use the ACP (Mwave) Modem feature of the IBM Thinkpad[tm] 600E, 600, and 770x.

  • ACPI-HOWTO, ACPI: Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

    Updated: Jul 2004. Outlines how to patch a kernel for ACPI support; which allows control of power management from within the operating system.

  • ADSL HOWTO for Linux Systems - replaced by the DSL HOWTO for Linux.

  • ADSL-Bandwidth-Management-HOWTO, ADSL Bandwidth Management HOWTO

    Updated: Apr 2003. Describes how to configure a linux router to more effectively manage outbound traffic on an ADSL modem.

  • ADSM-Backup, Linux ADSM mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 1997. How to install and use a client for the commercial ADSM backup system for Linux/i386.

  • Adv-Bash-Scr-HOWTO - replaced by the Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide.

  • Adv-Routing-HOWTO, Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO

    Updated: Jul 2002. A very hands-on approach to iproute2, traffic shaping and a bit of netfilter.

  • Advocacy, Linux Advocacy mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 2000. Suggestions for how the Linux community can effectively advocate the use of Linux.

  • AI-Alife-HOWTO, Linux AI & Alife HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 2005. Information about, and links to, various AI related software libraries, applications, etc. that work on the Linux platform.

  • Alpha-HOWTO, Brief Introduction to Alpha Systems and Processors

    Updated: Jun 1997. A brief overview of existing Alpha CPUs, chipsets and systems.

  • Alsa-sound, Alsa-sound-mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 1999. Describes the installation of the ALSA sound drivers for Linux.

  • Antares-RAID-sparcLinux-HOWTO, Antares-RAID-sparcLinux-HOWTO

    Updated: May 2002. Describes how to install, configure, and maintain a hardware RAID built around the 5070 SBUS host based RAID controller by Antares Microsystems.

  • Apache-Compile-HOWTO, Apache Compile HOWTO (Linux edition)

    Updated: Feb 2003. Describes how to compile the Apache Webserver with important modules like mod_perl, mod_dav, mod_auth_ldap, mod_dynvhost, mod_roaming, mod_jserv, and mod_php.

  • Apache-mods, Apache+DSO+mod_ssl+mod_perl+php+mod_auth_nds+mod_auth_mysql+mod_fastcgi mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Apr 2000. Details the installation of an Apache based webserver suite configured to handle DSO, and various useful modules including mod_perl, mod_ssl and php.

  • Apache-Overview-HOWTO, Apache Overview HOWTO

    Updated: Oct 2002. An overview of the Apache webserver and related projects. It provides pointers for further information and implementation details.

  • Apache+SSL+PHP+fp, Linux Apache SSL PHP/FI frontpage mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Jul 1998. About building a multipurpose webserver that will support dynamic web content via the PHP/FI scripting language, secure transmission of data based on Netscape's SSL, secure execution of CGI's and MS Frontpage Server Extensions.

  • Apache-WebDAV-LDAP-HOWTO, Apache based WebDAV Server with LDAP and SSL HOWTO

    Updated: Oct 2003. A HOWTO on implementing WebDAV services using Apache - with LDAP for authentication and SSL for ensuring security of the DAV stores.

  • Assembly-HOWTO, Linux Assembly HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 2006. How to program in assembly language using FREE programming tools, focusing on development for or from the Linux Operating System on IA-32 (i386) platform.

  • Astronomy-HOWTO, Linux Astronomy HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 2004. Document shares tips and resources to utilize Linux solutions in the pursuit of Astronomy.


    Updated: May 2002. Explains how to install Linux on an Intel Pentium compatible computer with an ATA RAID Controller (onboard chip or seperate card), single or multiple processors and at least two hard disks.

  • Athlon-Powersaving-HOWTO, Athlon Powersaving HOWTO

    Updated: Mar 2005. How to enable the power-saving functionality of the Athlon/Duron/AthlonXP processor on some motherboards/chipsets.

  • ATM-Linux-HOWTO, ATM on Linux HOWTO

    Updated: Oct 2001. Describes how to install, setup, and configure the necessary drivers and tools to support ATM networking under Linux.

  • Authentication-Gateway-HOWTO, Authentication Gateway HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 2002. Document explains how to setup an authentication gateway.

  • Autodir-HOWTO, Autodir HOWTO

    Updated: Sep 2004. Autodir installation, configuration and other issues related to Autodir.

  • Automount, Automount mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Dec 2002. Describes the autofs automounter, how to configure it; points out some problems to avoid.

  • AX25-HOWTO, Linux Amateur Radio AX.25 HOWTO

    Updated: Sep 2001. How to install and configure support for the AX. 25 packet radio protocol utilized by Amateur Radio Operators worldwide.

  • BackspaceDelete, Linux Backspace/Delete mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2002. Solutions for having working Backspace and Delete keys on the console and on X.

  • Backup-With-MSDOS, Backup-With-MSDOS mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 1997. How to use a Linux-compatible tape drive installed on an MS-DOS machine to back up the filesystem of a Linux machine.

  • Bandwidth-Limiting-HOWTO, Bandwidth Limiting HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 2001. Describes how to set up your Linux server to limit download bandwidth or incoming traffic, and how to use your internet link more efficiently.

  • Bangla-HOWTO, Bengali in GNU/Linux HOWTO

    Updated: Oct 2003. A document to setup and develop support for Bengali (Bangla) in GNU/Linux.

  • Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO, BASH Programming - Introduction HOWTO

    Updated: Jul 2000. This article intends to help you to start programming basic-to-intermediate shell scripts.

  • Bash-Prompt-HOWTO, Bash Prompt HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 2003. Creating and controlling terminal and xterm prompts is discussed, including incorporating standard escape sequences to give username, current working directory, time, etc.

  • Battery-Powered, Battery Powered Linux Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Jul 2003. How to optimize and configure power management on a ready-configured Linux system for use on battery-powered laptops.

  • Belarusian-HOWTO, Linux Belarusian HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 2001. Short guide in setting up Belarusian language support in Linux console, X Window System, web-browsers, text editors, etc. Charsets described are windows-1251, iso-8859-5 and koi8-ru. Written in English.

  • Belgian-HOWTO, The Belgian HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 2003. How to tweak Linux for Belgian users; lists Linux user groups, businesses and other resources in Belgium.

  • Benchmarking-HOWTO, Linux Benchmarking HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 1997. Discusses some issues associated with the benchmarking of Linux systems and presents a basic benchmarking toolkit.

  • Beowulf-HOWTO, Beowulf HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2005. Describes step by step instructions on building a Beowulf cluster. This is a Red Hat and LAM specific version of this document.

  • Boca, Installing Boca Card Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2001. Describes the basics of a Boca 16-port serial card (Boca 2016) with Linux.

  • BogoMips, BogoMips mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Sep 2004. Some information about BogoMips, compiled from various sources.

  • Boot+Root+Raid+LILO, Boot + Root + Raid + Lilo : Software Raid mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Jul 2000. A cookbook for setting up root raid using the 0.90 raidtools for bootable raid mounted on root using standard LILO.

  • Bootdisk-HOWTO, The Linux Bootdisk HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2002. How to design and build your own boot/root diskettes for Linux.

  • BootPrompt-HOWTO, The Linux BootPrompt HOWTO

    Updated: Mar 2003. A compilation of all the possible boot time arguments that can be passed to the Linux kernel at boot time. Includes all kernel and device parameters.

  • Bridge, Bridging mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 2002. Describes how to setup an ethernet bridge.

  • Bridge+Firewall, Linux Bridge + Firewall Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Dec 1997. A bridge is an intelligent connection wire between two network cards. A firewall is an intelligent insulator.


    Updated: Jan 2001. Describes how to setup a bridge with the recent kernel patches and brctl utility by Lennert Buytenhek. With developer kernel 2.3.47 the new bridging code is part of the mainstream. On 20.06.2000 there are patches for stable kernels 2.2.14 and 2.2.15.


    Updated: Jan 2005. Assists the reader in the steps necessary to configure and use a video tuner card based on the popular Bt848 and Bt878 chipsets within the Linux operating system.

  • Bzip2, Bzip2 mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 1999. How to use the bzip2 compression program.

  • C++Programming-HOWTO, C++ Programming HOWTO

    Removed: November 2002. This HOWTO has been removed for review.

  • C++-dlopen, C++ dlopen mini HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 2003. How to dynamically load C++ functions and classes using the dlopen API.

  • C-C++Beautifier-HOWTO, C-C++ Beautifier HOWTO

    Removed: November 2003. This HOWTO has been removed for review.

  • C-editing-with-VIM-HOWTO, C editing with VIM HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2001. An introduction to editing C and other language files whose syntax is similar like C++ and Java in vi/VIM.

  • Cable-Modem, Cable Modem HOWTO

    Updated: Jul 2004. Written to assist the Linux user in configuring a cable modem for internet access using a cable network.

  • Call-back, call-back mini HOWTO

    Updated: Oct 2001. How to set up call-back by using the Linux system and modem.

  • Caudium-HOWTO, Caudium HOWTO

    Updated: Sep 2002. An overview of the Caudium (web) server. Includes information on setup, development, and optimization.

  • CDServer-HOWTO, CDServer-HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2002. Describes the steps and commands you can use to setup your own CD Server using Linux and some built-in Unix commands along with other freely available software packages.

  • CD-Writing-HOWTO, CD-Writing HOWTO

    Updated: Jul 2000. Explains how to write CD-ROMs under Linux.


    Updated: Jul 2001. How to install, configure, and use CD-ROM drives under Linux.

  • Chinese-HOWTO, Chinese HOWTO

    Updated: Jun 1998. Demonstrates how to implement Chinese on Linux system, including those common problems encountered while using Chinese, the ways to obtain, and shows how to install and setup a variety of different Chinese software.

  • Chroot-BIND-HOWTO, Chroot-BIND HOWTO

    Updated: Dec 2001. Describes installing the BIND 9 nameserver to run in a chroot jail and as a non-root user, to provide added security and minimise the potential effects of a security compromise.

  • Chroot-BIND8-HOWTO, Chroot-BIND8 HOWTO

    Updated: Jul 2001. Describes installing the BIND 8 nameserver to run in a chroot jail and as a non-root user, to provide added security and minimise the potential effects of a security compromise.

  • Cipe+Masq, The Linux Cipe+Masquerading mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Apr 1999. How to setup a VPN using Cipe on a linux masquerading firewall.

  • Clock, The Clock Mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 2000. How to set and keep your computer's clock on time.

  • Clone-HOWTO, HOWTO Clone Disk Images on Linux Booted from a Network

    Updated: Sep 2002. Describes a setup that allows a machine to boot Linux from BOOTP/TFTP, using the Grub boot loader, and save and restore disk and partition images to and from a TFTP server.

  • Cluster-HOWTO, Linux Cluster HOWTO

    Updated: Sep 2005. How to set up high-performance Linux computing clusters.

  • Coffee, Coffee Making

    Updated: Aug 2004. Yes, Linux DOES make coffee, and it tastes good.

  • Commercial-HOWTO, Linux Commercial HOWTO

    Updated: Mar 1999. A listing of commercial software and applications which are offered for Linux.

  • Commercial-Port-Advocacy, Commercial Port Advocacy mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Dec 1999. Discusses methods that can be used to approach commercial software companies to convince them to port their programs to Linux.

  • Compaq-Remote-Insight-Board-HOWTO, HOWTO Use a Compaq Remote Insight Lights Out Edition for a Headless, Remote Linux Installation

    Updated: Apr 2002. Describes the installation of Linux on a headless Compaq ProLiant server with a Compaq Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition card without physical access to the system.

  • Compaq-T1500-HOWTO, CompaqT1500-Linux HOWTO

    Updated: Apr 2005. Lists the procedures and tools needed to boot the Compaq T1500, using a Netboot of both the native file system and a generic Linux installation.

  • Compressed-TCP, Compressed TCP/IP-Sessions using SSH-like tools

    Updated: Apr 2000. Discusses how to compress data streams.

  • Conexant+Rockwell-modem-HOWTO, Conexant/Rockwell modem HOWTO

    Updated: Mar 2002. A guide to using Conexant and Rockwell chipset based Software modems under Linux.

  • Config-HOWTO, Configuration HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 2001. Aims at making the fine-tuning of your newly installed Linux box quicker and easier. You will find a set of configurations for the most common applications and services.

  • Linux Consultants HOWTO - replaced by the Linux Consultants Guide.



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