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rPath Linux 0.99.4 is released

rPath Linux 0.99.4 is now available for download. It contains Conary 0.94, and 2.0.1 in order to support OpenDocument format. Many packages were rebuilt to use automatic Perl and Python dependencies. Unfortunately, moving to the new required us to provide three ISO images instead of two. As we approach the end of our beta testing, we would like to encourage the most extensive testing you are willing to do.

rPath Linux 0.99.4 is now available for download. It contains Conary 0.94, and 2.0.1 in order to support OpenDocument format. Many packages were rebuilt to use automatic perl and python dependencies. Unfortunately, moving to the new OpenOffice required us to provide three ISO images instead of two.

As we approach the end of our Beta testing, we would like to encourage the most extensive testing you are willing to do. Please report bugs that you find at or on #conary.

Ongoing information on our release shows up on our wiki in real time:

* Three ISO images because of new libraries for
* Conary 0.94, with pluggable policy (in the new conary-policy package)
* 2.0.1 (we now use the Ximian patch set; which allows it to save files properly).
o Added packages required by the way we use the ximian patch set, which allows us to choose system libraries instead of libraries included with
+ agg: Anti-Grain Geometry; a C++ 2D graphics library
+ icu: library for unicode and internationalization support.
+ boost: large, commonly-used set of generic C++ libraries
+ unixODBC: implementation of the ODBC standard for uniform data access API
* Linux kernel
* Many packages rebuilt to add Perl and Python dependencies
* glibc updated from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6 to include timezone support for the United States for 2006 and properly installed documentation.
* samba configured with --with-ldapsam, which allows samba to authenticate from an LDAP repository directly.
* postgresql 8.1.2, to fix to fix a remote denial of service vulnerability documented in CVE-2006-0105.
* MySQL 5.0.18, for bug fixes (in particular, for being a Conary repository backend)
* moved caching-nameserver from /var to /srv to comply with the FHS. /etc/named.conf was also changed to reflect this move. The bind package was unchanged.
* smartmontools will now start bz#534
* subversion has python support added, non-functional perl support removed, default config added (thanks to Geir Thomassen)
* thunderbird updated to 1.5 to track future security updates.
* kid updated for fixes required by latest conary repository
* postfix requirement on mailbase fixed.
* ppp rebuilt with /var/log/ppp/connect-errors so that it works bz#537
* acpid fixed to require psmisc for killall bz#533
* libgnomeui fixed to remove broken overrides on componentization for libraries bz#531
* vim rebuilt to not highlight deprecated syntax in Conary recipe files.
* xorg-x11 has xfs initscript moved to xorg-x11-xfs bz#530
* xorg-x11, pcmcia-cs, microcode_ctl, gnopernicus, glibc, squirrelmail, sendmail, minicom, lockdev, sysvinit, lockdev rebuilt with deprecated recipe elements removed.
* ncurses has symlinks added because some programs look in alternative locations for curses headers, widec (wide character) headers moved, and now correctly has development binaries in :devel instead of :runtime
* ntp rebuilt with more documentation bz#512
* setup has correct (minimal) initial contents for /etc/passwd and /etc/group, fixing a bug in 0.99.3 installs where some groups were not added for some installs, bz#571. It also does not include /etc/aliases, which belongs in mailbase.
* setup now marks /etc/printcap as InitialContents to avoid update errors
* MySQL-python moved from contrib to os for new MySQL database backend support for Conary (not included in distribution media)
* info-emerge added for new emerge user (used for privilege limitation while using conary emerge)
* gtk is now multilib-capable bz#616
* system-config-network no longer damages /etc/modprobe.conf bz#615
* mailman now logs to /var/log/mailman; previous builds defaulted to logging to /var/mailman/log which did not exist bz#544
* pygtk rebuilt with correct build requirements to fix missing files bz#567
* python-setuptools added to enable the PythonSetup() build action in Conary.
* fontconfig has an additional requirement to make its tag handler work (this is mainly to make derived distributions work) bz#535
* procmail has permissions and ownership fixed
* filesystem package has permissions and ownership fixed on /srv/spool/mail
* MAKEDEV has /dev/console added bz#525
* dhcp includes /var/lib/dhcp bz#574
* kdelibs includes security patch for a buffer overflow security
vulnerability documented in CVE-2006-0019
* kbd no longer creates errors when logging into a physical console as non-root bz#490
* PyGreSQL updated to upstream version 3.7
* nfs-utils now contains /var/lib/nfs/v4recovery bz#489
* hotplug now shares a firmware directory with udev %(essentiallibdir)s/firmware (/lib/firmware or /lib64/firmware).
* debugging threaded processes works for glibc without glibc:debuginfo installed bz#514
* gnome-menus python bindings make their return

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