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Rubix Linux 1.0 has been released now

This is the inaugural release of the Rubix Linux operating system.

Rubix Linux 1.0 has been released now

This is the inaugural release of the Rubix Linux operating system. Rubix Linux is distributed with the Linux kernel versions, 2.4.32 and 2.4.32-grsec. Rubix Linux is well equipped to serve in both desktop and server roles. Rubix has exceptional hardware detection with udev replacing hotplug for 2.6 kernels and the latest KDE desktop version 3.5.1. Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird 1.5 are now the default web browser and email client. Rubix Linux also supports the best modern filesystems including ext2, ext3, JFS, XFS, ReiserFS and now Reiser4 (with 2.6 kernels) from installation.

Rubix Linux 1.0, tagged Sunday, March 3rd 2006, has been released to mirrors. A big thanks to everyone who helped Rubix Linux achieve this major milestone! This is the inaugural release of the Rubix Linux operating system. This release will be followed up with any necessary security and stability updates. The Rubix Linux 1.0_patch branch has been created to facilitate the updates to 1.0. Rubix -current development will now continue on at full speed towards the next stable release. For the official release announcement see:ftp://ftp.rubixlinux.org/pub/rubix/1.0/ANNOUNCE.1_0

Rubix Linux is now in a complete code freeze for all repositories except /community. Only security, stability and bug fixes will be accepted. No upgrades of any kind will be allowed. Assuming no major bugs, 1.0 will be released in seven to ten days.

The highlights of this release since rc1 include the following:
1. Kernel with reiser4 support (including the installer)
2. Kernel 2.4.32, vanilla and patched for grsecurity
3. GCC 3.4.4 patched with Stack Smashing Protection
4. Heimdal Kerberos Support
5. SKey Password Support
6. KDE 3.5.0
7. Firefox and Thunderbird 1.5
8. Xorg 6.9.0
9. Udev has completely replaced hotplug for 2.6 kernels
10.Cleaned up and made the boot process much faster
11.Encrypted partition support through loop-aes
12.Online Package Browser
13. New Custom Live CD that is nearly the exact same environment every Rubix user will boot into after hard disk installation

Rubix Linux 1.0rc2 can be downloaded at: http://www.rubixlinux.org/get_rubix
Rubix Linux is actively seeking new mirrors in preparation for the 1.0 release.

For Download

Click here to download http://www.rubixlinux.org/get_rubix


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Posted on: February 5, 2008

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