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Linux Distribution: Vyatta
Url: http://www.vyatta.com/

Vyatta is pleased to announce that version 2.2 (code name Camarillo) has been released to the testing repository. This code is beta quality and is suitable for anybody running Vyatta that wants to test the latest and greatest.

About Vyatta
Vyatta has changed the networking world by developing the first commercially supported, open-source router and firewall solution. Vyatta combines the features, performance, and reliability of an enterprise router and firewall with the cost savings, flexibility, and security of open source.

Vyatta project is a Linux-based router and firewall offering a free community edition and two commercial editions with support.

Introduce new levels of economics, choice, and control into your network:

Economics: Save 50% or more over proprietary products! Leverage industry standard x86 servers and off-the-shelf components.

Choice: Vyatta is available as ready-to-use software and integrated software/hardware appliances. You choose which fits your need.

Control: Source code availability & community influence allow for faster feature integration and the freedom to build your own custom solutions.

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