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Linux Distribution: tinysofa
Url: http://www.tinysofa.org/

What is tinysofa? tinysofa enterprise server 2.0 is a next generation operating system which showcases the latest in open source technology in a fast, stable, securely configured and easily manageable form.

About tinysofa
Why should I use tinysofa?

Fast. Compiled with optimizations, tinysofa enterprise server is built with speed as a prime priority.

Stable. Based on proven technology, tinysofa enterprise server has been thoroughly tested in a vast array of mission critical roles with amazing stability.

Secure. Our number one priority, security is no afterthought in tinysofa enterprise server. Only two network services are enabled by default (postfix running on and OpenSSH). Our default settings are as secure as possible and our kernel features cryptographically signed module support as well as Ingo Molnars Exec-Shield patches which make stack smashing attacks a worry of the past.

Well Supported. Our mailing lists provide you with access to a friendly and helpful community of tinysofa enterprise server users. In case you need professional assistance with tinysofa enterprise server, a global network of tinysofa professional engineers is at your fingertips. Additionally, our documentation takes the guesswork out of implementing desired functionality.

Easily Managed. The APT tool keeps your tinysofa enterprise server installations up to date with the latest security fixes and application enhancements. Additionally, running your own APT repositories is simple and, best of all, completely free.

Free(dom). As in beer. Free, as in speech. tinysofa enterprise server is guaranteed to remain free throughout its lifetime.

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