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Linux Distribution: sidux
Url: http://sidux.com/

sidux is an operating system based on the Linux kernel, Debian's most modern branch (called "Sid") and many free and open source applications.

About sidux
The declared and agreed points are:

1) sidux detects and enables you to instantly use more different pieces of hardware than any other operating system today (including other Linuxes), without the need to search for drivers from the hardware vendors' web sites or complicated installation routines. Everything comes ready on a fast live-CD, and can be installed to your hard drive in just a couple of minutes. Only non-free stuff may require additional action.

2) sidux gives you direct and 100 % compatible access to the world's biggest repository of software packages (more than 17 000 at the moment in Debian Sid), all of them free and open source, many of them in professional quality. No virus, no trojan?and again no complicate searching hundreds of websites for an application and running dubious installers.

3) sidux is free and open source and comes with free & priceless 24/7 support via this forum and chat (the IRC). Our support staff is friendly, helpful and very highly skilled?some of them are developers of this operating system themselves, others are accessible for complicated escalated support issues.

4) sidux is not corporate driven or owned, but community driven. Actually we are a community of volunteers who share a common goal?building the brilliant operating system.

5) sidux is extremely flexible and offers a bulk load of ready made scripts and meta-packages. You may use them to mutate it into a secure server system, a high class music studio, a professional graphics design workstation, a corporate desktop?or whatever you actually need.

6) sidux is always bleeding edge technology, packed into a tested and stable combination which is ready for use. It is moving very fast, and will always bring to you the hippest and most interesting developments first. sidux is also one of the few operating systems where you can get a 64bit system with real 64bit compiled applications?and again providing the 100 % compatible access to Debian Sid.

7) sidux is multilingual?people from all over the world meet here and talk in their native, but also secondary languages. We believe in the power of shared and open communication and therefore don't split the community by countries or languages, but concentrate them. Many people here do speak several languages and are using them when helping you.

There is definitely much more to say?but that's it for the beginning. Please understand that we need to prepare the first release carefully. The project is in its very first days after foundation and will need some weeks until everything works perfectly. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated!

For Download

Click here to Download: http://sidux.com/Article73.html

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