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Linux Distribution: redWall
Url: http://redwall.sourceforge.net/

redWall is a bootable CD-ROM Firewall. It's goal is to provide a feature rich firewall solution, with the main goal, to provide a webinterface for all the logfiles generated!

About redWall

Main features:
Configuration is currenty stored on a floppy/USB Memory Stick/Harddrive or sent by email (see todo !)
Due the fact, that most reporting functionality is done via mysql (except for the squid reports), it's possible to use the cd as a Mangagement/Logging Console for other firewalls running in your environment using the same cd! Take snort for instance.. you can have 10 firewalls :) running snort, reporting back to the main database on the management/Logging system, in order to have a central "overview" of all your firewalls... Using the SAME CD !! It's all up to you how you configure your firewall and/or Management box !
based on redhat 9.0
bridging support
Mail Virusscanning, spamfiltering and gateway functionality
/etc is writable (tmpfs) feeded by the configuration medium
/var is writable (ramdisk or harddisk) (you are not going to run squid on a ramdisk... aren't you ?)
The cd will (at least it should) detect all your network cards (using kudzu) during the initial boot
During the initial boot, you can setup some basic things like IP Address, Services to start (all disabled by default) and so on

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