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Linux Distribution: Fedora
Url: http://fedora.redhat.com/
Red Hat Linux now has two descendents, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and The Fedora Project.
Linux Release Details:
Fedora Core 6 Live CD is available
After lots of feedback, bug fixing and testing of the beta live CD announced 3 weeks ago, I'm pleased to announce the first official Fedora live CD. This live CD is based on packages from the Fedora Core 6 (code named 'Zod') and Fedora Extras package collections and is 100% free software. At a glance, the live CD features: Linux 2.6.18, GNOME 2.16 desktop environment, GStreamer 0.10 multimedia framework, X.Org 7.1, AIGLX and Compiz for 3D desktop, lots of applications including, but not limited to Beagle (desktop search), F-Spot (photo management), Evolution (email and calendering), Firefox (web browsing), Ekiga (IP telephony).
About Fedora Core 6 Live CD

This live CD is built using a source code based on the pilgrim project. This is an open project and participation is encouraged and appreciated. See these documents on how to get involved hacking on the code.

Some New Added

1. Linux 2.6.18
2. GNOME 2.16 desktop environment
3. GStreamer 0.10 multimedia framework
4. X.org 7.1
5. AIGLX and Compiz for 3D desktop
6. Lots of applications including, but not limited to

A) Beagle (Desktop Search)
B) F-Spot (Photo Management)
C) Evolution (Email and Calendering)
D) Firefox (Web Browsing)
E) Ekiga (IP telephony)
F) Rhythmbox (Music Player)
G) Totem (Movie Player)
H) Games (Games)
I) The Gimp (Graphics)
J) Inkscape (Vector Graphics)
K) Abiword (Word Processor)
L) Gnumeric (Spreadsheet)
M) nautilus-open-terminal (For the adult in you)

7. Assistive Technology including the Orca screen reader
8. NetworkManager is on by default
9. VPN connectivity software including vnpc and OpenVPN
10.Partition editing via GParted
11.SELinux targeted mode including the SELinux trouble shooter
12.Many many fonts; almost 100% coverage
13.All the localizations included in FC6 and FC6
14.All the input methods (SCIM) present in FC6
15.Exclusive live CD wallpaper you won't find in FC6 or FE6!
16.R/W file system so you can install software on the running live CD
17.Ability to run from RAM if you have 1GB or more of memory

For Download

Click here to Download : http://fedora.redhat.com/download/mirrors.html
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