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Linux Distribution: Pardus Linux
Url: http://www.pardus.org.tr/
Pardus operating system's latest beta version, codenamed 'ATA', is out for download and testing. Pardus 'ATA' incorporates a range of features enhancing the productivity and usability for personal desktop computing. Some highlights are OpenOffice.org 2.0.
Linux Release Details:
Pardus Linux 2008.2 has been released
Welcome to Pardus 2008.2, another great Pardus release from Pardus developers, translators, artists and documentation writers. This is the second minor release of Pardus 2008 branch.
Basic Features

Since the latest minor release 2008.1, more than 120 bug fixes and 60 security fixes were committed to 648 packages included in the installation CD. In the same period, 23 new packages were added to the CD to support new featues and hardware, and a total of 181 (out of 648) packages were updated.

Updates in Pardus Technologies

With the release of Pardus 2008.2, core technologies like PiSi and COMAR are updated to provide new features. YALI is also updated to offer a smoother and more reliable installation experience. The enhancements in Mudur initialization system provide a faster and more robust startup process along with a better remote file system support.

  • Network Manager - Pardus' own tool for managing connections is updated and now includes a bunch of new features as well:

    • DHCP related timeout enhancements,

    • Support for Non-ASCII ESSID names,

    • Flexible DNS settings,

    • Support for script execution upon connection and disconnection.

  • Display Manager - Pardus 2008.2 includes the latest drivers for new generation Nvidia, ATI and Intel based display adapters. Pardus' own Display Manager and COMAR based auto-configuration subsystem zorg are updated to make use of these new drivers and features.

  • Package Manager - The Package Manager in Pardus 2008.2 includes a bunch of updates as well:

    • Improved package search function,

    • Support for handling download errors and retries mostly caused by proxies and such,

    • GUI and translation updates,

    • Delta packages and automatic updates of reverse dependencies - these features are planned to be supported after the release of 2008.2.

KDE 3 and KDE 4 Desktop Enviroments

  • KDE 3 - KDE 3, the default desktop environment of Pardus 2008.2, is updated and enhanced with Pardus specific features as well. These updates are based on the latest stable release of KDE 3, 3.5.10. Pardus 2008.2 Installation CDs and KDE 3 based Live CD include KDE 3 platform by default.

  • KDE 4 - New member of the KDE family, KDE 4, has been "the" choice of many Pardus users for a while now. Pardus 2008.2 includes the latest stable release of KDE 4, 4.2 that has been released a few days ago. Users who prefer this new desktop environment can install and use KDE 4.2 with the release of 2008.2. The KDE 4 based Live CD includes this new desktop environment and the KDE 4 ports of popular KDE applications as well.

Two Variants of Install CD
Pardus is offered as two variants to support ever-increasing number of languages : One installation CD with support for Turkish and English only (and a selection of additional development tools and games), and another internationalized installation CD with support for all of the 11 languages. As always, users can install additional language support packages from Pardus repositories, regardless of which installation CD they've used to install their systems.

Updated Components
Pardus 2008.2 includes a lot of package updates besides Pardus Technologies and KDE components.

Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • Pardus Linux Kernel in 2008.2 is based on the latest stable release of linux 2.6.25, Pardus kernel also includes a lot of hardware driver and subsystem updates, stability and security fixes.

    <b>Some of these new features are:</b>

    • Fixes and enchanced support for network devices based on RTL818x, Marvell Yukon 88E8040T and Ralink rt2x00 chipsets,

    • IR controller for bt8xx based TV cards,

    • Fixes and enchanced support for Syntek DC-1125 based webcams,

    • Fixes for Asus eeePC, Apple Macbook Pro and Gigabyte M9xx,

    • Support for Broadcom BCM4311, BCM4312, BCM4321 and BCM4322 based wireless devices,

    • Support for Intel WiFi Link 5000 based wireless devices,

    • Support for RTL8187SE based wireless devices,

    • Support for RICOH Bay1Controller RICOH SD card readers,

    • ALSA 1.0.18a_20081203 contains support and fixes for a bunch of soundcards,

    • Support for splash images in different resolutions,

    • Support for init images with virtio and xen modules.


    • Also with Mozilla Firefox 3.0.5, OpenOffice.org, Mplayer 20090101 and the updated popular applications like KDEPIM, Vim, Gimp, Frozen Bubble; Pardus 2008.2 is more stable, secure and user-friendly as ever.

For Download

Click here to download: http://www.pardus.org.tr/eng/download.html
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