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Linux Distribution: MythDora
Url: http://www.g-ding.tv/
MythDora is the easiest and quickest way to get MythTV up and running. You simply install the disk, answer a few questions, and in around 45 minutes you will have your very own PVR system. What could be easier.
Linux Release Details:
MythDora 10.21 has been released
MythDora 10.21 has arrived. That's right we've jumped ahead a few versions to catch us up with our Fedora baseline. The intent is that going forward we'll release versions in-line with current Fedora versions. There are some major changes for us in this release. We've moved away from the Xdialog installer and into a single firefox configuration for the initial system setup. This same setup can be called via the MythDora Tools menu for a variety of features and for further maintenance as you use your system.
You will also notice we now offer I386 and X86_64 versions with LIVECDs of each.

Version 10.21 Highlights:

  1. Based on Fedora 10

  2. kernel-

  3. MythTV 0.21, with the latest svn fixes and default settings customized for MythDora

  4. Entirely new browser based setup for MythDora customizations

  5. i386, x86_64 DVD and LiveCD versions available

  6. IMDB Bulk Updater 1.14 with menu & cron executable

  7. Custom installation and auto installation options available

  8. MythTV service account name now configurable

  9. Enhanced management of remotes, receivers, and blasters

  10. DVD version includes Gnome, KDE, XfCE4, and Ratpoison window managers

  11. LiveCD version uses XFCE4 by Default

  12. LiveCD can be used as mythfrontend to existing MythDora 5.0 installation

  13. Ability to choose which mythfrontend,mythtv, or mythwelcome at login time

  14. Tons of different game emulators (Don't ask us how to use them)

  15. Latest nVidia & nVidia Legacy drivers.

  16. Latest OpenChrome video drivers.

  17. Latest ivtv drivers, including X driver for the PVR-350.

  18. K9copy (DVD shrink for Linux)

  19. HandBrake (user-friendly graphical video transcoder)

  20. Nuvexport

  21. Up-to-date video4linux drivers

For Download

Click here to download:http://www.mythdora.com/?q=node/3233
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