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Linux Distribution: Zenwalk
Url: http://www.zenwalk.org/

Zenwalk core 2.1 It has many option that has been created with alertness,which is based on the Linux kernel version.

About Zenwalk
Zenwalk core 2.1 is based on the Linux kernel version, with Reiser4 support as usual,
- SGI XFS support was added, so now Zenwalk supports EXT2, EXT3, Reiser3, Reiser4, and XFS from setup stage.
- Pcmciautils replaces Pcmcia-cs , so that pcmcia devices or now detected by the hotplug subsystem, as well as USB and PCI devices,
- The video detection tool "videoconfig" was improved. It implements 3 different probing subsystems (Discover, Xorg dcc, Read-edid) and should auto-detect nearly 100% of video card drivers and monitor frequencies.
- The network configuration tool "networkconfig" now handles Wireless settings.
- glibc is ugraded to version 2.3.6, GCC to version 3.4.5
- Netpkg now has full dependency support , so it should be easy even for Linux beginners to build their perfect desktop from Zenwalk-core,
- New server packages includes Mysql (5.0.18) Imapd (2004g) Postfix (2.2.7) Apache (2.2.0) Php (5.1.1).

A full list of updates for both Zenwalk-core (a, ap, n, d, l package categories), the full Zenwalk (that also includes x and xap), and of course kde and extra categories can be found on the changelog (http://www.zenwalk.org/staticpages/index.php?page=20050508214152455).

Zenwalk (full version) will be released in version 2.2, we are waiting for XFCE 4.4.0. However, Zenwalk current already contains XFCE 4.3.0 (svn) which seems to be stable for several users after a 2 weeks test...

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