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Linux Distribution: ZENIX
Url: http://zenix.webscene.ch/

ZENIX is a new LFS based Linux Distribution. It was built directly from scratch, to stand for a reliable Server-OS.

This project was founded by Zeno Albisser, the maintainer of webscene.ch.
As you can see, there already is a first version of our system available. But since it is a quite big project, we are always interressted in new developers to join our project. So if you are interrested in joining us, just fill in the registration form for developers. We will contact you, as soon as possible.

The idea behind ZENIX
ZENIX consists of a basic system and some additional Packages. A single package will provide a full server environment. So you have a single package for a DNS server, a single package for a webserver, a single package for a POP/SMTP Server (mail)...
Of course you can combine this packages for a single server with multiple services.

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