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Linux Distribution: Yellow Dog
Url: http://www.yellowdoglinux.com

A complete Fedora-based Linux distribution for the PowerPC architecture. YDL boasts a graphical installer, an automated updater program, and good hardware support.

About Yellow Dog
Yellow Dog Linux v4.0.1
Terra Soft's most complete offering to date with support for the iMac G5s and Mac minis too! Yellow Dog Linux v4.0.1 is a Fedora / RPM-based operating system for PowerPC computers, offering an intuitive, flexible graphical installer, 1300 packages on 8 CDs (4 Install, 4 Source), a unified KDE and GNOME desktop environment featuring shared menus, applications, and user interface.

Based upon the 'Anaconda' installer engine, the Yellow Dog Linux Installer leverages automated, advanced hardware detection; provides on-screen help, flexible package selection, multiple install methods (CD-ROM, FTP, HTTP, NFS), default to ext3 journaling filesystem, embedded video testing, multiple ethernet and wireless port configuration, and automated partition creation.

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