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Linux Distribution: Wolvix_Media
Url: http://wolvix.org/

The first public beta release of the new Wolvix live CD, Media edition,is out. Wolvix is a GNU/Linux live CD built from SLAX. It's a desktop oriented distribution made to fit the needs from regular to advanced desktop users.

About Wolvix_Media
The first public development release (beta2) of Wolvix Media Edition is finished. The cheatcodes now respond to wolvix instead of slax ; there is no longer one module pr.Slackware package, the module count reached over 200, and it made the system sluggish and slow to boot; Freevo is included, but it only has a basic configuration, you may need to edit the files in ~/.freevo to suit your needs; Fluxbox is back; this release is still BETA, but should for the most part be fairly stable and polished.
Read the rest of the release announcement for further details about what needs testing. Download via BitTorrent: Wolvix_Media_Edition-1.0.4beta2.iso (446MB).

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