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Linux Distribution: Vine
Url: http://www.vinelinux.org/index-en.html

Vine Linux 2.1 is based up on Red Hat Linux 6.2, which is a popular Linux distribution in USA.

About Vine
Many commercial applications are developed for Red Hat Linux, so they also work on Vine Linux.

GNOME is included for users who prefer the gnome based user environment. Vine Linux can be installed without gnome support if space is limited. KDE is also available via additional packages available in VinePlus.

Vine Linux offers packages to build WWW server (apache), mail server (postfix), ftp server (proftpd), samba server, openssh server, and many other server daemons.

Other features
* kernel-2.2.16
* glibc 2.1.2 + locale-ja
* XFree86-3.3.6 + xtt

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