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Linux Distribution: VideoLinux
Url: http://videolinux.net/

I am pleased to announce the release of hopefully the last alpha release for testing and feedback. The next release will be a beta release. There are many new packages and upgrades including: upgraded to customised 2.6.15 kernel by ocilent1; customised X.

About VideoLinux
VideoLinux is a PCLinuxOS-based distribution with focus on DVD backups, video encoding and transcoding, DVD authoring, format conversion and pretty much anything else you want to do with video.

Some More New Added

1. Videolinux 2.0-Alpha > 2.1-Alpha Changelog
2. Upgraded to customised 2.6.15 kernel by ocilent1
3. Customised Xorg server by Thac to provide additional 3D support for many
graphic cards
4. Wine upgraded to 0.9.16 latest version.
5. Added xDVDShrink 2.6.1 Untested at the moment
6. Added Cinerella 2.0 The best Linux Non Linear Video Editor
7. Upgraded QT3 libraries 3.5 to fix the intermittent KDE crash when either
logging out, reboot, or shutdown
8. Cleaned up the user accounts now there is root & guest. On install DO NOT
delete the guest account and do not create a new account we do this later.
Once installed copy the contents of /home/guest to /etc/skel then create a
new account in VCC > System > Manage the sytems user & groups.
9. In order to use Wine you will need to copy /home/guest/.wine/dosdevices/*.*
to /home/username/.wine/dosdevices/ if all works ok then you can delete the
guest account in the VideoLinux Control Centre.

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