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Linux Distribution: UserLinux
Url: http://www.userlinux.com/

GNU/Linux distribution project publicly launched by Bruce Perens in November 2003 dedicated to bringing free software to businesses of all sizes.

About UserLinux
The UserLinux organization will be a not-for-profit organization. The UserLinux product is a GNU/Linux distribution based from Debian GNU/Linux, but streamlined to a smaller set of default applications. UserLinux will be freely available in both source and ISO formats. UserLinux will be complemented by a worldwide network of (generally for-profit) service providers offering certification, support, and professional services.

UserLinux will offer businesses unrivaled value by providing a strong base of intelligently selected software accompanied by vendor neutral support and certification options. Security, training, and worker portability issues are greatly reduced through the selection of the prime application for a specific need. There are no licensing fees for software or development tools. Support services are available from a variety of professional service providers, but are never mandatory.

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